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General Discussion / Re: national debt
« on: October 25, 2008, 01:37:16 AM »
You don't supposed this debt has anything to do with Iraq, DO YOU?

General Discussion / Re: VP Debate
« on: October 25, 2008, 01:12:45 AM »
Well I just spent a long time reading all the posts on this subject. Came to the conclusion there are still a lot of uniform, biased Americans on both sides of this debate.
Facts - It is not mandatory for Muslims to have beards - only the radical Muslims like the Taliban support this. (Who by the way the Americans supplied with weapons and aid when they thought it was in their interest)
         -Most Muslims are just like any other people, working to survive and support their families. It was mentioned that they are all after America's downfall. Actually not true, as the business leaders of the Arab nations know that for them to prosper, America has to prosper. As you can see, when America starts going down the whole world follows. If it keeps on this path then and only then will another country pull the world out of this and they will become the next super power. Follow world history and you will see this is what has happen to every great power that has ruled and then failed. History does repeat itself. Every great power will eventually fail.
          -A lot of fear-monging about Muslims by people that do not know the ordinary Muslim. These people need to talk to others that have actually worked and lived with Muslims. I have spent years doing both. I am still a Christian and probably a more stronger one then ever. And what I have read here is totally false in so much as what the Muslims want. When I worked in Libya (at the time America bombed it) the average person hated how their country was governed but were powerless to change. They were by and far the best Arabs - Muslims I have ever worked with and I would choose them to work with me over most Americans or westerners.   
          - Again as one person has mentioned, would you hire someone aged 72 to do your heart surgery? It is and intricate operation, no less so, then running one of the major countries in the world.
          - Another point was why elect someone with no backbone who will 'cut and run with 4000 American lives already lost'. I guess it would be better to wait until 54,000 American lives are lost then 'cut and run'. Any knowledgeable and sane person knows that this is definitely a no win situation in Iraq. Did the Americans not learn anything from their Vietnam experience? History repeats itself.
          - Someone mentioned that it would not be good for the country to lean toward socialism - free loans, welfare, etc. What do you think the last few years have been?
Come buy a house.
How much do you make?
You qualify for this 300k house. Give us 1k down and mortgage it for 80 years at 2k a month. Don't worry, that will cover the interest and just think in 80 years you will only owe 75k. What a deal. 
Or come buy a new car. NO down payment needed. We will even loan 105% so you can get extras. Don't worry you can afford it.
The above were free loans as you can see with all the loans being defaulted; they are not being paid back, so that has to make them free.
        - It was your government that allowed and encouraged this in the last few years to prop up an ailing economy due to the monies being spent on the military. But hey, at least your not socialists.
         - Someone mentioned that they were relying on their 401k plan for retirement. Last I looked a lot of these plans were heavily invested in the stock market.
         - I really don't care who is elected - An ex-vet who is looking the wrong way down life's road or the inexperienced rookie. It was after all you Americans that put these people on the verge of running your country. Choose as you will.
         - One last small story. America has a vindictiveness that will eventually bring it to its knees. When I grew up, I got into trouble as a teenager in Canada and as a result a criminal record which I might add has since been pardoned by the Canadian government (1989), but guess what, the Americans do not recognized that I no longer have a record and still refuse to let me enter (for those that do not know, American and Canadian police computers are interlinked and when something gets deleted from a Canadian computer it can and will remain on the American computer) . Now I realize most of you will say that it is my own fault, which I agree, but the story is not finished. My mother carries an American passport and my siblings live in California where my mother used to live (she has since moved back to Canada). And even when my parents lived there, I still could not visit them. What kind of country denies a person this? For a simple break and enter that is now over 30 years ago. Never mind that I have made amends and worked hard and lived a honorable life since then. Is it any wonder that most the Americans lack compassion for the ordinary Muslim when they are taught not to? As for me I have long ago given up on the idea of seeing my siblings or their offspring. This is why America has problems these days, lack of morality and judgement. As Joe A says, if he is black he must be Niggerian.

Jeff Jester

General Discussion / Re: SUCTION SOCKET for AK Amputees
« on: September 21, 2008, 06:27:33 AM »
You can use a sleeve or a tensor bandage, with a little bit of baby powder to act as a lubricant. She should have no problem. I have used the same mold for all my sockets for the last 13 years, so if she keeps in shape, suction sockets are quite good.

Hi Myffanwy
The Mauch in my experience is a grade lower then the Catech cylinders. My guess is that the seals in your cylinder were damaged on installation. As laying a leg down on it's side should do absolutely nothing to it unless it is laying there for an extreme length of time and part of the seal has dried completely out and become brittle. As it is made to hold pressure from use, it should never leak unless the seal wears out or is damaged. The oil that has leaked from is the cause of the wobble as it now has a air space. Once you get it replaced, it should be easy to adjust and walk with.
Regards Jeff

General Discussion / Re: how do you fell about your looks
« on: March 14, 2008, 11:44:01 AM »
When an accident happens, you find out who are true friends and who aren't. There were some people that surprised me with their attitude. The ones that stuck by me stayed friends the ones that didn't got the boot. And I have made plenty since. As for looks, you are who you are. Nothing will ever change that so it is best to look in that mirror and say 'What a handsome fella you are'  (well I don't actually say that to myself but my wife does, bless her heart) and Pegleg Jack from everything that I have read over the years from you, shows that you also have one hell of a wife who doesn't care what you look like but cares for what is inside.

General Discussion / Re: freedom innovations runway foot shell ?
« on: March 14, 2008, 11:28:39 AM »
I also have a wide foot and every shell I have ever had has been narrow. It is probably as oneblueleg said about fitting in the shoe. If you don't like the toe sticking out so far, you can always trim it back a little. I have put the knife to more then one of my feet, but I don't really care what they look like as long as they fit into the shoe(s).

My History / Introduction
« on: March 14, 2008, 11:18:11 AM »
Some of the people on this site have heard of me from another site and some haven't. I am a left AKA for 13+ years. I ripped my foot off in a motorcycle accident in Singapore and then had infection (re-gangrene) which was cured by the above knee amputation. After the amputation I voluntarily withdrew from drugs in three days because up to that point I had been on morphine for 10 days and being a former addict it was starting to feel tooooo good. I checked myself out of the hospital after one week and went to Canada to do my rehab. Came back to Asia 9 months later and went back to work on an offshore drilling rig. I have been living in Thailand since. I was actually riding a motorcycle in Canada 5 months after the accident. I currently ride a customized Harley here (just arrived home yesterday from a 3 day - 1600km ride). I golf, exercise and work out on the punch bag. So now you know a little about me.
Regards Jeff

In my opinion / Re: Knees
« on: March 14, 2008, 10:59:23 AM »
I believe one should use a hydraulic knee first -  Catech - Mauch - etc. One reason is to check the if it would be viable to use a processing knee. Example myself, I have never had a hydraulic knee that lasted really more then a year with out developing problems. In the 13+ years as an AKA, I have used 6 legs with hydraulic knees and have replaced or had repaired the hydraulic cylinders in these legs a total of 15 times. The last leg I had made 2 years ago (Endolite Catech) I had them include two extra cylinders as spares of which I have now installed the second spare one in to it. I always have two legs that I wear alternatively. One with a foam cover to protect my pants and one without to wear with shorts. Being highly mobile and active is the reason for the wear on these cylinders. I took a count of stairs I go up and down on an average day at work and it was around 2000 steps daily. Therefore with this kind of wear and tear it would make no sense for me to invest in a processor knee, and the fact that I live in a third world country where it is an extreme logistical problem to get something sent away for repairs. I found that most these knees are quite good for walking and have probably only fallen a dozen times in all this time with alcohol to blame for probably half of that. Oh and by the way Rocky, I have had one knee lock in the straight position for what ever reason so it can happen. I was up country and had to walk with a stiff leg for two days until I reached home. By the way I am not complaining as I have always been happy with the way my legs have fitted and worked. That's my two cents on that.
Regards Jeff

Let us know what you think / Re: up loading pictures to site
« on: March 14, 2008, 10:17:09 AM »
Well it works, just have to figure how to make the images larger on the screen.

Let us know what you think / Re: up loading pictures to site
« on: March 14, 2008, 10:14:36 AM »
First entry on this site so just checking the picture attachments. If they come out one is my girls and I and the other is my wife and I.

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