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General Discussion / Genium
« on: July 27, 2011, 06:17:15 PM »
I have not been on this site for a long time. I have just recently been fitted with the Genium knee. It was the first one fitted to a civilian as these have only been available to the military until now. I spent three days with Otto Bock and the following is what they told me. This knee is in limited release to 5 different countries. Canada will get 6 of these this year. This knee was developed in cooperation with the American, British and Canadian military. The cost for the knee only is a little over $50K.
For the last three years, I have used a PliƩ knee. I found this knee to be good and quite liked it, but it did have a lot of problems and I had it repaired at least 7 times in that time. The manufacturer was good as they always sent a replacement quickly every time. All in all I liked the PliƩ. Now to the point!!!
I have wore this new Genium for a week and in my opinion.... It is fantasic. I have never been so comfortable in the use of a leg. I have now started to walk up stairs leg over leg (and am using muscles for the first time in years). This leg will not cause atrophy but will probably increase muscle mass. In 18 years of being an amp, I have never been so happy with the performance of a leg (and I have always been very easy to please). I do not know what the future will hold and only time will tell, but if this knee continues to perform and is free from problems, I will be a very happy person. By the way, it comes with 6 year warranty which tells me that Otto Bock has a lot of confidence in it.
It does have 6 different settings 2 of which can be set by the foot and all by the remote. You can also adjust (limited) the settings with the remote to suit different circumstances. So only time will tell on it's reliability.

My History / Introduction
« on: March 14, 2008, 11:18:11 AM »
Some of the people on this site have heard of me from another site and some haven't. I am a left AKA for 13+ years. I ripped my foot off in a motorcycle accident in Singapore and then had infection (re-gangrene) which was cured by the above knee amputation. After the amputation I voluntarily withdrew from drugs in three days because up to that point I had been on morphine for 10 days and being a former addict it was starting to feel tooooo good. I checked myself out of the hospital after one week and went to Canada to do my rehab. Came back to Asia 9 months later and went back to work on an offshore drilling rig. I have been living in Thailand since. I was actually riding a motorcycle in Canada 5 months after the accident. I currently ride a customized Harley here (just arrived home yesterday from a 3 day - 1600km ride). I golf, exercise and work out on the punch bag. So now you know a little about me.
Regards Jeff

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