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General Discussion / Re: New amputation questions
« on: February 21, 2008, 08:32:31 AM »
I agree with one thing Dick said, you need to have someone go with your dad to the doctor to make sure questions are asked and answered.  It really scares the doc to write down what is said and have your questions written down ahead of time.  It shows the doc you are serious, and makes sure you don't forget anything.

I would go for a joint consult or if that's not possible, go for a second opinion.  Check out a pain specialist.  Go to an ORTHOPEDIC surgeon.  You didn't say what kind of doc did the amputation, but ortho docs know bones and related pain better than say a vascular doc.  Check out an infectious disease doc too.

Questions I would ask:
Is there an infection?  What tests have been done to prove this?  What medications are being used to fight or prevent infection?

Is there a nerve impingement/pinch causing the numbness?

What medications are being used to treat the pain?  What other medications can the doctor suggest to help with pain?

Is a drug like Neurontin, Lyrica or a medication similar to these something the doctor would be willing to try for pain relief?

But seriously - GET TO a DIFFERENT doctor for a second opinion.  Go in with a WRITTEN list of questions and TAKE NOTES.  Ask questions until you understand the answers. 

The only doctor who ever treated me like an idiot when I pulled out my questions and took notes was not a good doctor.  My 2nd opinion was his "buddy" he referred me to and he was pissed about the care I'd gotten, he told me so.  I switched doctors immediately.

The pain your father is going through MIGHT be normal FOR HIM.  But the only way to know is to check it out.

Please let us know how things turn out.  Feel free to ask us questions.  We're not doctors.  But for myself, I've spent enough time in exam rooms and operating rooms, I know they're just people and sometimes they act like humans.

Good luck.


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