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In my opinion / New leg and a question
« on: August 02, 2009, 10:46:58 PM »
I am a BTK amputee on my left leg and got my new leg and foot last week.  The brand/model of the foot escapes me, but it is a simple carbon-fiber spring with 2 smaller CF springs inside the bend of the foot with a vinyl cosmetic shell so I can put a normal shoe on it.  Having only got it last Friday, I`ve been wearing it every day for over a week now, getting used to the socket etc.  So far, aside from a skin rash from the silicon liner on my leg the first couple days, its been going very well.  My question is this: my foot/ankle does not have any vertical movement, only the spring in the foot, which makes any type of a slight incline very difficult.  While walking on flat ground is almost natural, after only a week for me, if I go up or down any kind of an incline I have to almost do a crab-walk sideways type gait or I`ll tip over.  Is this always going to be the case or will I eventually develop a sense of balance on hills?  I know guys mountain climb etc. with my type of amputation, but haven`t been able to find any info on what type of foot they use.  I`m really active, and before the accident I was hiking, camping fishing etc. almost every weekend, but the way this is now I really can`t see me hitting the trails again (unless I go to Florida where the trails are flat :-). 

General Discussion / Just wanted to share this
« on: July 17, 2009, 09:12:46 PM »
I had my leg amputated below the knee in an accident May 1 this year, and in the accident also broke my upper femur in 2 places and dislocated my hip bone.  My doc said the longest part of the healing process would be healing the compound break (not fracture, it was actually broken clean through in two places and reattached or set with a rod running through the center of the bone from my hip to my knee).  Anyway, some family of mine in Russia recommended a home remedy used extensively in eastern europe to promote bone healing, called Mumie (pronounced Mu-mi-yeh).  Basically the stuff is a natural compound found in caves in mountains of the Caucasus and central asia, looks sort of like road tar and dissolves in water.  At the prompting of my wife, I started taking this nasty stuff twice a day about 10 days after my accident; to make a long story short, I had an X-ray 38 days after the accident, and the doctor asked if I had been prescribed any bone growth drugs, as I was showing massive bone growth both over and around the breaks and even on the ends of the amputation!  Had another Xray 60 days later, and while I still had a large knot of growing bone around the broken area, the doc told me the bone was completely healed and strong enough to bear complete weight.  In my case this was about 2 months faster than expected.  Hopefully this helps some of you guys out, as I`ve found it to be pretty amazing.  I get the stuff at a Russian food store in Atlanta where I live, and apparently it is quite common in Easter Europe and most delis and "Russian" food stores will carry it.  It runs about $3 for a dose for 4 days.

My History / Hi from a newbie
« on: May 20, 2009, 12:18:39 AM »
Hey everyone, glad I found this forum, seems like a ton of info on here.  My story...two weeks ago I was in a car wreck which amputated my left leg below the knee, broke my femur in two spots and dislocated my hip (all same leg).  I`m up and around on crutches pretty well so far, but have 10 days to go before I can even get the rest of my stitches out.  Before the accident I was really active, hiking, bikes, motorcycle, etc. etc. and I`m really frustrated at how long the process of getting a new foot is taking me, even though I can`t put weight on the leg for another 90 days.  I had a semi-rigid cast on the stump until a few days ago, and since that was removed the pain has gotten quite a bit more noticeable.  I`m not sure if it`s the phantom pain or just the stump healing, so I`m pretty much just trying to grin and bear it without too many hydrocodones.  Any tips for a newbie just getting used to missing a foot?

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