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Insurance Coverage / Re: insurance
« on: August 06, 2008, 12:22:56 PM »
Almost every amputee that is covered for 80% has to think twice before buying a limb.  the 20% is way over our heads and can be as much and $13000.00 and more.  Where ae we spose to get that money? From a hat?  I know most of us dont have that kind of  money in our bank accounts.  There has to be a way of changing the system to help us out with this expense.  If we are spose to pay for it that means that our jobs will eat up our limb expensises very fast and what to do we have left to live off of.  Maybe stay home and not work?? In that case government considers a basic limb which is literally made of wood.  Walk on that if you dare.  That is what the government pays for. If you are working guess you might be walking to work.  You wont be able to afford a car. Ok I see, take out a loan which turns into much more money after its payed back.  Then you are back to square one becsuse by the time you manage to pay it back your leg is now broke and so are you.  Insurance will not pay for repairs to limbs and we all know how expensive that an be.  Oh. lets not forget that limbs are only warenteed for 2 years.  Insurance only pays for a limb every five years.  Waht do you do inbetween this time frame?  WALK IN AGONY as you manage to go to work and your back gets really bad. 

Now how much of this realates to you as an amputee?

General Discussion / Re: Daw E.Z. In donning aid
« on: July 09, 2008, 10:47:41 AM »
Could someone post a close up  pic of one here ? I agree $95.00 is way out of line and we are getting screw#$ to the wall on prices as it is.

WB Joe and I hope you are on the  road to recovery and mending nicely.  NO push ups now let that chest mend.

I do hope they get u a NEW knee and dont try to fix the one you just got.  If it leakes its a major problem. In canada in cold weather the hydrolics will FREEZE up and not function causing them to leak and lose the fluid completely.  We are not told of this happening in colder climates.   I waer ottobock 3r60 and every knee I had leaked and the function was out the window.  I consider that a lot of money to toss for one winters worth of walking.  We are not told anything about this from the proth peeps or the otto bock company.  As a matter of fact I spoke with them and they refused to answer any questions what so ever concerning this matter so BUYER BE WARE.  They would rather sell you a new knee than replace the old one within  two years.  I was told the knee was abused.  How do u abuse a knee.  Yes there was sand in the knee but it came from the foam cover that was over the knee.  The knee is adjusted to your gate with the cover off and the knee was designed that way not with a cover on it.  After a cover is put on it, the resistance changes big time.  I was told to leave the knee bent on the floor to break in the foam so it would bend easier. I walked very well the first time out without the faom as a able bodied person would without a limp.  After the foam was put on I had a stiff leg and it killed my back to walk with it.  You had to kick really hard to walk with it. There is a lot of hidden stuff they dont tell you that you usually end up learning after the leg is purchased. When ottobock refused to replace the knee on warentee I personally called them and told them I would see them in court..It seem that changed there minds on the matter and came through with the warentee.
That is my opinion and I stand by it lol.

General Discussion / Re: am outof here for three weeks
« on: July 09, 2008, 09:50:09 AM »
Sounds like you had a very nice time and lots of fun.  Wb to the comunity now you will need new shoes cause you wore out the others hehehehe.

General Discussion / Membership
« on: July 09, 2008, 09:41:29 AM »
I have been trying to sign in here but msn was not  letting me do so.  It always came up blank.  I was wondering what happened to my status from before.  I had to rejoin.

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