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My History / awsome site and about me
« on: May 28, 2008, 03:37:49 AM »
Greetings..I'm Charlie, a bilateral "BKA" due to diabetes. lost my left leg BK
about three years ago due to a foot ulcer, and lost my rite leg BK last Feb 08
also due to breaking my ankle and the fracture was just to extreme to heal rite.
so now I'm about four months since the amputation, and I'm on my second test
socket, and will be putting on my final new socket on the 4 th of june.
I was very worried about what it was going to be like walking on two prosthetics,
but I got some very good advice and encouragment from a fellow member of this
web site. I have gone from my walker to my cane, and now I'm starting to brave
a few steps without the cane, it's moving along better than I anticipated, although
most of my trouble is walking on un even ground, I can walk all over wal mart with
no balance problems at all (using my cane) but I found a great way to cheat, by
using a shopping basket as a walker. all in all I guess I'm doing pretty well, and thank god
for it........charlie

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