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General Discussion / on to the funny stuff
« on: March 25, 2013, 10:32:03 AM »
That was a good one, Steve. You too, Dave. Waiting on you Danny! And hello Ann. Anyhow here took a year or so but after my initial accident i went back to running my tree and landscape business. Partly out of necessity [need $ to live] ; partly to prove to myself and others I could still cut the mustard [a little chest-thumping]. Anyway, I was in a potential cust omers back yard to give an estimate for removing large trees. Yard fenced in ....he had a barking dog. The owner assured me that dog had never bitten anyone. Then he went inside. I looked around at the work to be done ; talking to calm the dog. Then I turned and headed for the gate. I  hadn't gone far when I heard that chain rattling and could sense him rushing up behind me. Trying to go fast as I could [not fast!]...I braced for it....wham...he nailed me but picked the wrong leg! He got nothing but a mouthful of metal pipe....ouch for him! That dog must have thought " Damn, I gave him my best shot and that guy didn't flinch!"   A year or two later the same fellow calls me back for more work. The first thing he does is to tell me "Don't worry.....that dog died."  Good!

General Discussion / things are looking up
« on: March 15, 2013, 10:21:02 PM »
I feel like i hit the lottery last week! I got up in the parallel bars at p.t. and now starting to cruise down hallways [ pushing a walker]. felt good to stand again even if prosthesis is uncomfortable and socket too big.doing lots of ankle articulating exercises and my foot is getting less contracted [ankle still burning though]. i need that foot and ankle as you all well know! The jury is still out- my foot may not completely recover but i'm working hard to get to the best place possible. I saw my surgeon for the first time post op.  He said the pain may take a year to subside and i am only 3 months out  and i need to  "slow down".  That leaves me optimistic. I have 3 screws in my heel...its a little sore but no big deal. Surgery should always be a last resort. I deliberately dragged it out a year until i had to pull the trigger. I had all winter to recover. Its been a tough 2 years since i fell. My wife once remarked ,  " wouldnt it be nice if you could just go back to being an amputee." hmmmm...everything is relative.  I guess we need  to count our blessings. My normal world is being outdoors....working hard or leisure. I'm used to getting up, strapping on my leg, working,  the chores at home in the evening.  That leg stays on for 16 hours plus sometimes. I am sure i'm not the only one.  Hey, i know i'm racing ahead but i just want to get it back ! Thanks for listening , all.

General Discussion / Uncharted Waters
« on: March 06, 2013, 09:55:24 PM »
Uncharted Waters
>Hi folks.  I’ve been a short left AKA (5 inches of femur) for about 24 years.  I still managed to embrace life as best as possible.  I’ve been fortunate to be able to continue as a landscape/tree service contractor.  I gave up on the “widow-makers”, but still could climb routine trees. 
Once in a while, I take a spill out in the great outdoors, but really took a life-changer 2 years ago.  My prosthetic knee buckled and I ended up sitting on my twisted right foot.  Heard a sickening pop and felt an angry “fist” sticking out of my knee.  Turns out I ripped out my quad tendon and “shelled” my knee-cap. 
>Rehabbed with my leg locked in a brace for 4 months.  It was going okay until my ankle started to burn and my foot pronated to almost 3 o’clock.  Diagnosis not clear I had to undergo serial casting to straighten my foot.  Spring turned into summer turned into fall.  8 months later I went back to walking with a poorly fitting prosthesis and an AFO brace on my right ankle.  No more nocturnal crutching into the bathroom!  Finally got to see the best/ankle doctor in the city.
>Long story short, I ended up with a subtaler-fusion.  My ankle can still flex up and down (step on the gas), but not side to side.  It’s been another 3 long months of wheel-chair/hospital bed life back in my living room.  No weight on ankle up till now.  Good news is I start PT tomorrow.  25% weight on my foot.  Usually confident and optimistic, but I’m starting to waiver.  Maybe I expected “nirvana” out of that operation, but my ankle still has that familiar burning, foot still slightly pronated (I’ll live with that) and won’t land flat.  Maybe walking will start to work the bugs out of it.  Has anyone ever seriously damaged their good residual limb?  Hey, I know everyone has their story and all we have to do is tour through an in-house rehab; a reality check for anyone who feels sorry for themselves.  The one string we always have left to play is our own attitude.  I know I’m preaching to the choir!  Thanks for listening, and would appreciate any feedback.

P.S. I may need advice on MCP knees, ect. In the future if I ever get a good fit.

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