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General Discussion / Hello
« on: March 04, 2013, 05:00:25 PM »
Hello everyone

At the age of 15 due to Meningitis I lost both my legs above through knee and right hand including the tips of my fingers of my left hand. I am almost 27 now and since I lost my legs I was on your bog standard legs with Total Knees.

I always saw posters of people rock-climbing, riding bikes, skiing and running with their limbs but I believed that was all sales propaganda to make you believe you could do anything; why, because all of them featured an individual with either below knee or single leg  amputation, and IMHO had life so much easier due to having a knee or one leg as it makes a huge difference.  Youtubers like Randyhanger and Giuseppe Chessari have been really inspirational to me as both are bilateral AKA and show what is possible

Anyway after several years of pestering my prosthetist has finally said I should be able to get funding for micro-processor limbs from the NHS. Obviously the Genium is not on the list but I have been told that I will trial the C-leg, Orion and Plie 2.0.
I developed a bad habit of walking with locked knees on the Total Knees as ever time I would lean too forward, it would trigger the knees to bend and I never got comfortable walking with free flowing knees as I used to fall all; as such I used to keep them locked as I felt more secure and could walk faster (though 12 years of walking like this has led to bad posture).

Today I was given the Plie 2.0 to try out for a few weeks, and it feels so weird to walk on them as the knees do not lock and I have built a fear that if the knees don’t lock, I will fall. Its going to take time but my posture has improved already (and its only day 1!) , I have a more natural walk and can control the speed I walk and the legs keep up.

So far I am impressed by them and hope I get on as well with the others too, only problem is that I favour my left leg more and I am not confident doing slopes and have noticed that when going down slopes/ramps I can bend the left leg but the right leg stays rigged.  I’m told its a confidence thing as I’m not load bearing equally but I’m sure I’ll get there hopefully.

Anyway that’s my story and I would like to keep you lot updated and appreciate any tips, I know great heights can be reached with these new legs as long as you have the motivation and strength to push yourself (I do lol).


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