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General Discussion / What system is best for an AK
« on: February 28, 2014, 12:08:45 PM »
Well, I finally got my prosthesis's attention that my socket sucks, but, unfortunately not literally.
I got the Plie' 2.0 and it's a great knee, but my socket, as usual, doesn't fit right.

Other than it's too long (the ankle shaft is too long, but it's the shortest they got. My residual is long)
It rubs/chaffs/rash's which is partly due to the liner, but I think I got that worked out
But, as usual, it loses suction. It's a Neg Pressure system. Just the Liner, put it on,  push it in the socket, press the air valve and release when it's tight.

But, after a short time, it's back to pressing down on my stump, releasing air, etc, over and over again. Every time I stand up, and after a few minutes of walking.   I shouldn't have to continually bend over to release the air, get my suction back, before I walk another 50 feet.  And at the end of the day, my stump hurts, is sore, and it hurts to press down.

So, we're looking at a different system.
He suggested a neg pressure  with a pin.
Some people I've talked to don't like the pin system but they're BK's, so not sure it I can use that in my decision making process.

So, I'm asking  those AK's here, what attachment system you got, do you like it, what would you rather have if it isn't satisfactory, etc etc.

I know, it's only been not even 2 years since my accident, and I'm bitching, but, others in our support group that had their amputation AFTER me are already set with he best and walking fine.

My problem is, I'm going thru the VA, and, yes, most of what you heard about the long delays, I am experiencing. But, fortunately, one of our support group members is on the board, and put a bug in the Chief's ear, and now I'm starting to get attention.

But, I need to know what to ask for as far as what method of attachment is good/better/best.

And, here's a article on our group

I'm on the far right


Carry on


General Discussion / What to choose: Plie'; C-Leg; Orion
« on: February 01, 2013, 04:45:52 PM »
Hi again all.

Well, it's been 8 months since the motorcycle accident that cost me my left leg above the knee (LAK)
I was given a generic knee (Ottobock 3R60) and a poorly fitting socket.
I finally got scheduled and completed rehab (after 5 30 minute sessions. Cause it was 2 months from the time I got the leg to the time I was scheduled for rehab. By then I had pretty much taught myself how to walk. Rehab was mainly to correct some of the things I taught myself incorrectly [gait])

Now, I'm finally at the point of deciding which knee (and supposedly a much better fitting carbon fiber socket with gel liner and suction fitting) to get.

I've been doing some research onthe Orion (which seems to be the lower end of the three).
The Plie', which seems fine but I don't like the battery length (24 hrs)
And the C-Leg, which has a 48 hr battery length.

I'm not gonna do much walking backwards,  run any marathons, or climb every mountain, or ford every stream.
(The Sound of Music)
But I do want to do yard work, work in the garage, ride motorcycle (again) play with the grand kids (I'm 63),  take long cross country road trips (not that I need a knee for that-just saying), and other activities other than sitting around the house sucking my thumb and drinking PBR.

I guess it really comes down to the Plie' and the C-Leg.
They both have the micro processors that do whatever it is they do, hydraulic pistons, that would allow me to walk with a stead(ier) gait, walk foot over foot going up and down steps, ramps, etc.

I was initially thinking Genium, but the additional features (above and beyond what the  C-Leg offers)  are for more seriously athletic folks (so he says).

The socket, which is the most important part of any leg, as you all know, is gonna be a carbon fiber thingy, with  the back cut out so I can sit more comfortably, and with a gel liner and suction method of staying on, vs a pin type system.
(Yea, I know they got technical terms, but y'all know what I mean)

My prosthetists (sp) says he's gonna try two different ones to see which suits me best.
I assume it's gonna be the Plie' and the C-Leg.

Just not sure what to expect.

Any advice from those of you who've had to deal with this longer than me?

Yea, I only lost my leg 8 months ago, and only had this temporary leg for 4 months, and I know I'm being too eager to get to a point it took some of you years to get to, but I want to learn as much as I can.
I ain't got a lot of good years left, and want to enjoy those (years) I do.

That being said, I would certainly appreciate any input from anyone who has any knowledge or experience with the Plie' or C-Leg.

Thanx again


General Discussion / New guy says "hi".
« on: December 13, 2012, 03:31:16 PM »
I'm new to the forum, so fingered I'd at least say "Hi".
I've read some posts and find most of it quite interesting and self specific.

I am a LAK as of May 5, 2012
I was riding my motorcycle, when what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a GMC Jimmy coming directly at me.
but first, he hit another car, flipped on it's side, and then creamed me.
I was wearing my helmet and leather jacket.
I rolled 7 times, up on the curb and landed on the sidewald of a major road.
I landed on my back, got  up on my elbows, looked at  my leg, didnt see a foot and knew that something wasn't right.
My foot was severed and was in  my new sketchers in the road.

Anyway,long story longer:
Afer 4 suregeorys, my left leg was amputated above the knee cause my knee was just too shattered.
I was in ICU for a week
in the Hosp for a month
In rehab for a month
Waited 2 months for the VA to get me a leg.
Got the leg Oct 11, and my first phy therapy appt was Dec 6
By then, I was walking unassisted (no walker/crutches/cane)

The socket sucks, (or should I say, won't keep a seal) but it's only a temp socket till I learn to walk proper, then I get a new leg/socket.
Don't know exactly what yet

And, that's my story and I'm sticking to it
Still waiting on the truck drivers ins co to review my medical records and offer a settlement

I'm 63, did 25 years active duty, 20 yeras civil service, geting ready to retire, and now this.
But, I'm alive, no other injuries, and fairly healthy

Just venting (and ranting)

Look forward to learning more (cause the VA sure as heck don't tell me nuttin)

Tanks again

DaveSometimes I feel like Patrick (spongebob's friend)
And a couple pics

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