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General Discussion / Update on my RAK Rig
« on: September 05, 2013, 09:51:55 AM »
Figured I’d give an update on the Rheo/Proprio symbionic rig I’ve had for a little over a year now…

First, this is without a doubt the best “pure walking” leg I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a lot of them…totally stiff, free swinger piano hinges, mach hydraulics, total knees, c-legs, etc.  This set-up knows what you’re going to do before you know what you’re going to do.  There’s no need for a second thought on slopes, uphill or down.  I play a lot of golf on some very hilly courses, and nothing compares to this.  I haven’t had anything close to a fall…probably because the Proprio is never in danger of toe dragging, even on hills.  The way it goes “flat” in sitting mode makes those 2 hour conference room meetings much more comfortable.  I also hunt a lot, and walking through woods with many obstacles on the ground has never been easier.   

So far, the only downside for me is battery life…I charge during the night and put it on around 5am.  About 10pm I’ll hear the 2 warning beeps that means it has a couple of hours left.  Usually, with normal activity, it’ll go to about 2am…so not quite 24 hours. Of course, me being up and about at 2am is a rarity, but it still happens.  When it does die, it becomes a free swinger and that’s when the fun really begins…after being able to virtually ignore it for days/months, one has to be a little more careful about making sure one foot is going in front of the other, if you get my meaning. 

For years I was one of those guys who thought all this computer knee stuff was hype…I got along fine without one for 40 years so who needed something that would inevitably need constant service and attention.  Boy was I off base on that one.  Both this unit and my former c-leg needed only the routine service required by the manufacturer…bolt on the loaner and I’m in and out in 10 minutes.  In fact, I’m wearing the loaner unit right now since mine is out there somewhere getting routine maintenance. 

Cost-wise…all I can say is WOW.  It billed out (with a very simple suction socket) at $109,000…insurance ended up paying $70,000…I was not responsible for the rest.  All I paid was about the $400 I had remaining on my deductible.  The reason I went for a new one in the first place was that I had lost a bunch of weight and needed a new socket.  Since the c-leg I was on was about 5 years old, my leg guy figured it was best to just go all new…I tried the Rheo/Proprio for a month and was sold.  Ended up putting my c-leg on eBay and got $3000 for it.  There also is a subculture of pervs around that like the sockets, so I eBay them for about $150 each…to each his own I guess. 

All in all, I highly recommended the symbionic rig, provided your insurance will pay of course. 

General Discussion / New AK Set-up
« on: May 15, 2012, 10:56:52 AM »
A few years ago I made the plunge into microprocessor knees and after a bunch of tests, decided on the C-Leg. The Rheo was a close close second. I've been on a Rheo + Proprio setup for the last few days testing, and they have improved a whole lot IMO. So. I pulled the trigger and work on it starts this Thursday. Sticking with the old reliable suction socket...I've lost about 35 pounds since the start of the year so this one is basically falling off...he's added padding to tighten things up, so I can live with it a few more weeks until the new one is ready.
Even 5 years ago (or whenever it was) I actually liked the walking better on the Rheo, but other factors steered me to the C-Leg. The walking IMO has even improved now, and the addition of the Proprio makes it a no-brainer for me. Up and down pretty significant slopes was effortless (yes, even more effortless than the C-Leg, which says alot). Hopefully I learn to love the tiny little charging hole I have to deal with, and I'll see if I actually consistently turn the foot off at night (the rep said it's recommended, but I'm pretty lazy by nature when it comes to that stuff).

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