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General Discussion / Cloning a socket?
« on: December 05, 2012, 05:33:43 PM »
Should I expect a prosthetic shop to be able to fabricate a perfect (or near perfect) duplicate of an existing socket? Especially a shop associated with a large, national, unnamed O&P conglomerate, who presumably has access to state-of-the-art CAD/CAM equipment?

General Discussion / Why are you even talking about this?
« on: February 10, 2012, 11:55:50 PM »
So I was sitting in my office today when some anonymous student[1] wanders in and starts asking me about my leg. Hey, how's the leg? Oh, I was a student here back when you lost it. Wasn't it above the knee?

And I'm like...umm, it's know, this isn't a topic for conversation, is there anything else I can help you with today?

And the guy gets this hurt look on his face, and then he goes away.

Back when I lost my leg, it wasn't a big secret, I went to work on crutches for a while and when people were curious I put them at ease. Even now I'm not shy about dressing for comfort. If I'm in shorts and someone's just curious, that's fine. It's just life, and when I show that I'm OK with it, it's easier for you to be OK with it too.

But to bring it up apropos of nothing, or quiz me down on gritty details...I'm sorry, but that's beyond curiosity, edging past inconsiderate into frank rudeness. I'm not inclined to indulge that, and I'll shut you down in a hurry.

Am I wrong? I mean, I'm still gonna do exactly what I do anyway, but...dang, it's just been a while since anybody got in my face like that, and I did not like it today. Just venting a little I guess.

Note [1]: I work in higher education, "student" can be any age from 16 to 90+, and some of them hang around for years....

General Discussion / Who is my "doctor"?
« on: November 22, 2011, 07:45:19 PM »
It's been almost ten years since my amputation, and I'm beginning to realize that for the most part, I haven't actually had much if any medical care or guidance. Apart from one meeting soon after where I selected a prosthetist (which was a disaster unto itself), practically everything I've done has been dealing directly with prosthetists, with no involvement from any kind of physician. With the sole exception of my GP, who writes my prosthetic scrips purely for insurance paperwork purposes. He freely admits he knows virtually nothing about amputees or prosthetics. I don't blame him, he's a good GP, but not a specialist.

Anyway, so I've had almost ten years of marginal-at-best experiences with my prosthesis. I'm beginning to wonder if these two facts are related. Would I be doing better if I had a doctor who was actually in charge of the situation, who actually knew what he was doing with it, maybe seeing a larger picture that my current crew is somehow missing? What medical specialty should I look at, how can I identify someone who can give me more insight into how I should manage things?

General Discussion / Getting a socket done RIGHT
« on: March 19, 2010, 07:50:15 PM »
It must be socket-making season, I'm looking really hard at whether I should get a new one made.  The aching, stinging, throbbing, bruisy purple-red welt on my thigh says "yes"....

A brief history.  I started with one prosthetist who made my prep leg, but I had some trouble with my weight around then and ended up not spending a lot of time on it.  Fast forward six months, I had the leg remade by a different shop, and got a pretty comfortable socket for a couple of years until it failed in a non-warrantied and non-repairable way.  Next we tried recasting for a completely new socket, but for various reasons ended up duplicating the old one -- badly.  Since then I've had two or three sockets, all variations on a theme, all "comfortable" for a few hours but ultimately they all create sore spots that make them unusable.

For my part, I have utterly failed in my role as a persistent customer.  Each time a new sore spot appeared I'd go back to the shop for an adjustment, then two or three or four, and then I'd get frustrated with the lack of progress, throw the leg back into the closet and go back to crutches.  Repeat every few months.  I'm fed up...I actually don't mind crutches, but when I'm stuck with them because I CAN'T wear my leg, it's a different situation than using them just because I don't FEEL like wearing my leg.

I am fed up.  I want to blame my prosthetist for not knowing how to fix the problem.  I want to blame myself for not giving it more time and effort (er, I'm coming up on eight years now!).  I'm all but ready to sign on with yet another prosthetist and let him start over from square one, but I'm scared of that turning into another failure.  Money is an issue...I can afford the co-pays on a new socket, but I can't afford to try every shop in the area, and I can't afford another failure.  But I'm not willing to go on as I have been.

I want to go back to my current shop and discuss it with them, who knows, they may even agree and have an idea of which other shops I should talk to.  If I go elsewhere...well, I've been interviewing already.  They all talk a good game, don't they?  I just wish I knew more about my rights in case I end up with another lousy socket.  It doesn't seem right to let my insurance pay for something I can use, but most places seem to want a signed delivery receipt before you even take the leg out of the shop.  How can you tell if it's any good without spending at least a couple of weeks on it?

Argh...just can't decide...  ???

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