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General Discussion / back on crutches AGAIN
« on: June 15, 2008, 01:31:15 PM »
hi all,
been quite a while since i've had the courage to write.  i have been having a major problem with my residual limb/prosthetic. seems that every time i get to where i am a little comfortable wlaking something goes wacky again.  it still hasen't been quite a year and i am already working on my third leg.  is this the way it's suppesed to work??? i understand the shrinkage part, but the minute that it starts, my socket becomes very sloppy and i start experiencing a lot of pain.  i am now weraing 4 socks (20 mil) and the dumb thing is still loose.  i need to use crutches to help with walking or the pain s so bad that even the pain pills don't work.  back in april i got a couple of pressure sores on the end of my limb and couldn't wear my prosthetic for a couple of weeks, and ever since its been nothing but trouble.  does this go on all the time or can i expect things to get better.

Ginger :o

General Discussion / Happy Easter
« on: March 21, 2008, 02:58:13 PM »
Hi all,

It's been a while since I've been able to get on to the site (been busy).

Just thought tha I would let you all know whats been going on.  I recently got my second socket and a new foot/ankle unit.  Makes things a lot easier with the split foot and cushion ankle. 

I stopped PT finally after 6 months, boy it doesn't seem possible.  They said it's all practice now until I get my final Rheo knee, then I will have to go back to therapy for a while.  Still using a cane when I'm outside the house, but I don't need it when I'm in the house. 

I am finally sleeping well, Thanks to Mike.  The melatonin is working great.  I tak it at about 9 pm and asleep by 10.  Lots better than not falling to sleep at 3 or 4. 

Anyway things are going very well for me. 

Hope that you all are well and you enjoy this season with you family.

Happy Easter.


General Discussion / Hi all
« on: February 27, 2008, 07:29:01 PM »
Hi all ,
I'm getting ready to head out tonight for a sleep study.  I have been having a very hard time sleeping since I came off all the pain medication. 5 years on Oxycontin, Duragesic, Percocet,Morphine.  All at the same time if you can imagine that, I was still in pain from a bone infection.  And I was walking around, and driving.  Now that I think about it I'm lucky I didn't kill myself or someone else.
I have been off all pain meds now for about 3 months.  I can't get to sleep usually until about 2 or 3 AM and need to be up at 6 AM to get my daughter ready for school.  I then go back to sleep for about an hour or so. 
I went to a sleep specialist on Monday and he thinks I need this study to see if I have apnea.  I have also started to snore which I have never done before.  He tells me that I need to deprive myself of sleep before I can get better.  I don't think that I can survive on any less sleep than I am getting.
My family doctor and Psych have tried different sleep meds and even tried tranquilizers. I sit in the dark wide awake thinking about anything and everything, from the floor needs to be vacuumed to the anger and depression of the loss of my leg.  I have to tried to go bed at 10 PM and I lay in bed wide awake for an hour and then get up so I don't wake up my husband.
Sorry but I just needed to vent.  I will try to keep everyone up to date on how the sleeping goes.
Any suggestions on how to get better sleep is more than welcome.
Thanks all.
Ginger :D

General Discussion / One legged Freak
« on: February 24, 2008, 01:44:46 AM »
Hi all.
  For the first time since my amputation, 8/07, my 9 year old daughter made this comment to me.
Oh my goodness, I did not know what to say to her.  It hurt me so deeply, is this the way she really thinks of me.
It wasn't like we were having a bad day or arguing.  She was sitting on my lap and I was tickling her.

  How do I handle this???????

   I am still trying to accept my situation myself.  I know that she is young and has to be having a hard time also.

   Please everyone, I need some advice.


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