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General Discussion / portable left foot pedal
« on: February 11, 2012, 01:40:38 PM »
I would love to get a portable left foot pedal for when I use a rental car, at the moment I use a fixed left foot pedal and I love it, can't imagine attempting to drive without it.
I have located a website and am about to order but thought I might ask here to see if anyone has experience with this pedal.  I have been quoted a price of 399.00 plus 59.60 for shipping to Canada.

Here is the link to the website, love to hear any thoughts on this product before I order, thanks


Hi All, I am just in the process of getting fitted for a new leg, in the past I have had a Talux foot and am presently using an adjustable height foot similar to the runway but I can't remember the name of it.  The foot that my cp had thought was going to be a good foot for me this time around was a Trias foot which I am now using on my test socket.

This Trias feels just wrong to me, I don't feel terribly stable and I hate the noises it makes (mainly just a lot of creeking noises from the rubbing foot shell which is the most unattractive shell I have ever had, the foot seems kind of cheap for lack of better words.
I am just wondering how the price of this foot compares to the price of the other feet I have had? 

That is one of the things that really bothers me about being an amputee, the not knowing whether the prosthetics that I am being offered is really what is the best option for me, I don't know whether I am driving a Pinto or a Porsche haha
I know we must have a great degree of faith in our cp's to know what equipment will work for us but frankly I guess I like to shop and make the decision after weighing up all the pro's and con's etc.  It kind of feels like going car shopping and having the salesman tell me that this is the car you're getting because I have decided it is the best model for you.

My cp has told me that I don't have to take the Trias, but he probably won't be too thrilled with me if I want to try something else as he will have to order it in.  I have been reading some great comments on another forum re the Echelon from Endolite but also hear that it is expensive which I don't know if my Alberta Health Care insurance would cover.

Would be interested in hearing if anyone else has any other suggestions, I am a female rbka with a fairly short stump, 200 lbs, active, I would like a foot that doesn't need to be tweeked and adjusted often as I like to have a cover and skin on it and making adjustments involves pulling off the skin and it never seems to go back on as nice.  I like a fairly light foot and I like a split toe.  We go camping every weekend in the sumer and the roads are all gravel so I like to walk the dog on the gravel roads which are fairly uneven.  Any suggestions on a foot that would meet my requirements would be greatly appreciated.

General Discussion / Haiti Earthquake Victim Amputee's
« on: January 15, 2010, 04:44:10 PM »
I have been watching the news on the Haiti earthquake all day and they are reporting so many people losing limbs after being crushed and trapped by debris.  This brings back a flood of feelings for me as I lost my leg in a tornado.  The difference being that although the rescue vehicles had to pick their way through the rubble to get to me, I was still at modern hospital within a couple of hours whereas these poor people in Haiti are having to wait for days now in the sweltering heat with no food or water.
I remember going into shock and having people around me trying to help by stopping the bleeding and keeping me warm while we waited for the ambulance, I can't imagine if someone had told me, "Well the UN will be sending in help, it should reach us in a couple of days!" these poor people, life was already a struggle for most of them due to poverty and now this.

As an amputee I feel like I want to help all the new amputee's this situation has created. I wonder what will happen to all these people, will they ever get fitted for legs and arms?

I sat down after supper tonight thinking I was going to peacefully watch a few tv programs and the minute I sat down I got what I call the zapping pains, I have not had them for almost 6 months but when they come it is like torture.  It must be the nerve endings firing or something, it feels like I am being electrocuted randomly every few seconds.  There is no bracing yourself for the pain because you can't tell when the next pain will hit.
So what is the best remedy for these pains, sometimes I get relief from heat, it's times like this when I would like to change my mind about my no drug rule :'(

Happy New Year everyone, hopefully this is not a subject that was already in discussion, I did check back a couple of pages but didn't see anything.  Has anyone had to go thru the new Backscatter x-ray machines at the airport yet?  From everything I have read this technology is basically the equiv. of a strip search as the images they produce are the same as naked pictures, showing areola/nipples and genitals.

In the past I have had some pretty intrusive pat downs and even had to remove my prosthesis at the Phoenix airport which was humiliating as after I had removed it in a private room the inspector proceeded to carry my uncovered leg out to the conveyor belt scanner and flop it down on the belt right in front of everyone, my hubby who was still standing there waiting for me said people were googly eyed seeing this life like leg going along the conveyor belt, I felt this was totally handled wrong.

I have also had problems in Los Angeles where they swabbed my shoes and it came back positive for explosives  :o I was then pulled out of line and everything I had with me was individually swabbed for explosives which took quite a long time at which time this big goon leans across the counter and says to me "If anything else tests positive you will be strip searched!", eventually nothing else came back testing positive just the shoes so they are all just standing there looking at me.  I ask them could it be possible the fireworks that I watched at Disneyland produced the residue on the bottom of my shoes and the guy say's "Oh definitely" so i look at the lengthy line of tourists in line behind me and say "so do you plan on testing all of the tourists in line today, or is this just something you are reserving for amputee's?" at which point he lets me proceed.

Don't get me wrong, I am a nervous flyer at the best of times and want that plane to be as safe as possible but I am wondering what the new technology will mean for amputee's, it's either going to be a lot faster or it will be like:
1.  walk thru metal detector and instantly get waved over to get spread eagle wanded
2.  after wanding asked if I could step into Backscatter x-ray for peep show
3.  X-ray shows abnormality on lower right leg so now I step out to get an additional pat down

So if this happens it is actually going to take even longer to get thru security.  Add this to the indignity of the scanner pictures possibly being in full view of the walking traffic which it apparently is on some of the news coverage on this subject I have watched.  Other news I have read that the pictures will only be leered I mean viewed  by an individual in another room which also seems to be a bit creepy.  I mean am I supposed to feel less violated because I can't see the person who can see me naked, by that reasoning I could walk down the street naked and have my neighbors look out their windows at me but just because I can't see them it's all right for them to see me naked - what a load of crap.

In normal life the only non-related person I would expect to see me naked would be my doctor so now why should I not be offended to let some random worker at the airport see me that way, are there going to be only woman workers looking at woman and visa versa I somehow doubt it, I guess if everyone had to go thru the scanner not just the disabed etc and if they only had women inspectors looking at women etc then I am cool with it but I don't have a good feeling about it, if the new scanner is so fast and great at detecting anything out of the ordinary then why don't they completely do away with the old metal detectors and shoe removal and just have everyone go thru the Backscatter, they won't do that because most people will feel violated and will complain about it but those same people don't have any problem with amputee's or whatever having to go thru this as long as it does not affect them if you know what I mean, so has anyone had any experience with the situation yet, any thoughts on the subject?

anne f

General Discussion / How to get the foot into a tall boot?
« on: November 03, 2008, 11:49:56 PM »
I would like to buy a pair of woman's tall boots, almost to the knee sort of in the style of an equestrian riders boot.  They would have a fairly flat heel so that would not be a problem but how on earth do I get the foot bent as it is down the long shaft, do I have to have a shoemaker install a zipper all the way down the back? I thought I remembered one of the girls on here saying they liked to wear the tall boots with a longer skirt which I think would be perfect for the fall weather.


I have to be in San Francisco two times this summer and will have about 4-5 days there each time.  I looked up some of the city tour reviews and see that quite a few of them involve a fair bit of walking or getting off and on tour buses and walking around.  The Alcatraz review says that it is a steep walk up to the cell block building.  Am I kidding myself that an amputee could walk some of those hills?


I recently spent 4 months on a test socket because my limb just keeps atrophying and we can't seem to get a definitive fit for any length of time.


General Discussion / What's up with the HM web site?
« on: May 01, 2008, 08:00:39 PM »
I have been trying for weeks to register on the Heather Mills site and it keeps saying " the board administrator is no longer accepting registrations" what's up with that, it makes no sense to me.  I actually think that I am already a member from a few years ago but I have long since forgotten my user name and password. Anyone else from here no what the problem might be.


I notice that when I wear a sock in the shoe on my prosthetic foot that it basically disintegrates on the ball of the foot due to the friction of the sock rubbing back and forth as I walk over the ball of my foot.  What I am wondering is how the silicone skin covers hold up to the same friction?  Also if you wear the silicone skin and have a pair of sandals on without socks, does the silicone skin make a squeaky type noise from the foot rubbing against the sandal?  I would really like to switch it up from the basic foam cover.  I especially hate the crack running around the ankle where the foam transitions into the foot shell.   I am very self conscious of the ugly crack when wearing sandals with bare feet.


General Discussion / I got my new foot
« on: April 30, 2008, 08:16:59 PM »
I finally got to take me new foot home, it is an elation by ossur and it is one of those adjustable height foots.  The first thing I did was hit the shopping mall and bought 3 new pairs of shoes ha ha.  Maybe I should not have walked quite so much in the mall on a brand new foot, I think I may have over done it as this morning It took me about 10 minutes just to get off of the side of the bed my back was so sore.  I am hoping I will feel better by tomorrow as I am really looking forward to putting it thru its paces.


General Discussion / How do I solve this problem?
« on: April 28, 2008, 10:18:33 PM »
I am in a brand new socket (approx 1 month) and as per my usual pattern I left the office with a 1 ply and a nylon and am already up to a 2 ply and a nylon.  I am having intense pressure pushing  back on my knee cap and when I take the socket off, my kneecap is red and has a swollen "knob" on it which seems to go back to normal overnight.  I figure it is happening  because I am too far into the socket but when I try to add a sock my liner pinches the heck out of the bottom of my limb.  I have tried to cut the top off of a sock and just wear that around the knee area but that feels way to tight as well.  I need to figure out how to keep my knee out of the socket but without adding socks as the socket seems to be fitting real well on the actual stump.  Do you think it would work if I cut a circular doughnut shape pad out of one of my old alpha liners and put it in the bottom of the socket, maybe it would give me enough lift, or is it likely to get in the way of my pin hole.

I have an appointment with my guy later in the week but meanwhile I am very uncomfortable.


General Discussion / ossur flex skin silicone cover
« on: April 26, 2008, 01:03:06 PM »
Does anyone use the flex skin silicone cover by ossur?


General Discussion / Has anyone heard from Joe A.?
« on: April 20, 2008, 11:18:48 PM »
It seems like we have lost some of the members since moving to the new forum.  I miss reading Joe's posts, he was such a funny character.  Has anyone heard from him lately.


General Discussion / I need advice on running shoes
« on: April 17, 2008, 09:16:08 PM »
Believe it or not I have been wearing my crocs for well over a year straight, even when it was -40 I wore them with two pairs of socks ha ha, but my good foot has seriously started to spread and although I have never worn anything more comfortable in my life, people keep saying that I might have serious problems later on because of their lack of support so now I need to find some running shoes.

My biggest problem is that I have a wide foot, but runners geared for wide feet usually have wide heels too and I must have a narrow heal as the shoes always slip up and down on my heal with every step.  I have tried glueing padding of moleskin on the sides of the heel to stop the rubbing to no avail.  I have also tried lacing the shoes up differently to try and keep the heel in place but it still doesn't work.

Add that to the problems of finding just the right heel height and also finding a shoe that is nice and light not clunky and heavy (crocs are only 3 oz) and I can't seem to find anything that fits the bill - any suggestions?


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