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My History / Introduction from another club member
« on: March 05, 2008, 08:42:10 PM »
I am a RBKA since February 2006, and also a diabetic. My problems started with charcot, first in the left foot in 2001: which is under control, and then in the spring of 2005 I began having the same problem in the right foot. To make the story shorter, I developed ulcerations on the bottom of my right foot that became infected. We tried surgery, but the MRSA infection could not be controlled and became septic, in the blood stream. It attacked my aortic valve. They started me on IV Vanco for six weeks to colonize the MRSA.

The heart surgeon would not operate until the source of the infection was eliminated. I was told that to survive, I need a rbka, and then an aortic valve replacement. They did both operations in the middle of February 06 with the amputation first followed a week later with the open heart valve replacement.

I spent a month in a rehab hospital, for both cardiac and amputee rehab: and was fortunate to make a recovery with out complications. I was able to walk out 30 days later with my temporary leg. I continued with outpatient therapy, progressing from walker to cane to being able to walk without any aids.

My permanent leg is a gel liner and sleeve without a pin lock. The foot is the Freedom innovations "Silhouette" I am back to doing 90% of my previous activities. I have learned that we can do any thing we want, but just might do it a little differently.

I hope to be an active group member, both learning from all of you, and sharing my thoughts and experiences.

North East Pennsylvania

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