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General Discussion / Re: New amputation questions
« on: February 22, 2008, 01:20:57 AM »
Thank you all so much for your help. My mom goes with him to his appointments . It was an ortho surgeon who performed the surgery. However, the surgeon does not even see him in the office. It was the PA in the office today who removed the bandage (and it will be the PA the next three appointments not the doc). The sutures could not be removed today because the site is red according to the PA. The anti-seizure drugs is what I was thinking too, but the PA said no this was phantom pain.Yet, my dad says the pain is at the stump. I can't remember the name of the pain medication I know it starts with an N and its compatible to Vicodin (am told by my mom). MRSA was found in the surgical pins and rods after the numerous attempts to save the leg. He was on Vanco via picc line for several months (monitored by an infection control doctor). When he developed a blood clot the picc line was dc'd and none were given until last week. He does see the infection control doc in one week. Health care is terrible here I can say that as a patient, family member of a patient and spending half of my life working in healthcare. The sad/scary part is both doctors really are the best. I am also kind of shocked that the surgeon says PT won't be necessary???  Maybe I am just to organized. I know I want the A to Z of a treatment plan laid out, and the doc is just taking it one thing at a time. I really do appreciate your help. I'm sorry for being so wordy and full of questions. I love my dad and I am pretty protective maybe over protective.

General Discussion / New amputation questions
« on: February 21, 2008, 02:01:36 AM »
My father had a left bka 11 days ago as a result of a work injury 20 plus years ago. The last two years he has had multiple surgeries in an attempt to save his leg. The leg has been severly infected for nearly two years. The amputation was actually done two weeks ago and left open to drain. Four days later the surgeon found more bacterail growth on the bone and amputated an inch or so more then sealed the site. He is in severe pain (he is vomiting because the pain is so bad) and losing feeling in the limb is this normal? If so how long does it last? How long does the swelling last? His doctor is of no help with any questions no one can get a straight answer from him about anything.I think its noteworthy to mention that he quit smoking two weeks ago. Sorry for so many questions but this is new to us. Thanks.

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