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I got it today & it just walks so much better than the 2nd generation C-leg.  There is a huge difference walking uphill/downhill with it.

Frankly, I don't know why Otto Bock is calling it the "new C-leg" when it feels like it's completely re-engineered.

I couldn't believe how it walks uphill & downhill better than the new rheo. (I am talking about the new rheo knee before ossur began shipping out knees with defective parts in it; no one should get the rheo knee as the defect makes the knee quite dangerous.)

I have a suspicion that the new C-leg is really a version of genium knee without the gyroscope.

Any AK getting ready for a new knee should definitely try out the 3rd gen. C-leg.

It's simply awesome. 

The rep from Otto Bock won't tell you this but I just found out you can actually jog with this new leg.  LOL

That just solidifies my suspicion even more that this really is a watered down genium knee.

General Discussion / Re: Newbie amputee, have some questions
« on: July 15, 2011, 11:50:43 PM »

Short step drill is part of agility drill some PT make you go through.  (I think all amputees are required to go through this drill at Walter Reed.)  For some really athletic young AKs, they want to go play basketball and other sports that require taking short hops, small steps, and quick turns.

Also, I've noticed that most young AK guys are obsessed with being able to walk with perfect stride at all times.  I don't really care if people notice that I am an amputee when I am walking downhill but I guess for some, having a perfect stride is a big thing for them. 

To not give off that you are an amputee, and to have a near perfect ambulation, this short step drill is essential. 

I don't think your PT will make you do this unless you are young & fit.  (It requires lot of energy & strength in your limb.)

I am just comfortable the way I am & I wasn't crazy about the drill myself.  I am just happy I can play golf.  (Yes, I've been told that I am a very lazy amputee by PTs more than once.) LOL

Having said that, I was shocked to see a very recent AK amputee walking with perfect stride at the clinic today. ^^  So apparently, some don't even need much ambulation training to begin with. 

General Discussion / Rheo knee can kill you!!!! Be very careful.
« on: July 15, 2011, 10:37:17 PM »
Since it was a time for me to get a new knee, I figured I go with the new rheo knee which I liked very much when I first tried it out last November.  It walks far better than the C-leg on incline/decline.

I had tried three rheo knee units that came straight out of the box.  All three were defective.  The new units that are being shipped out have defective parts that causes it to stutter/chatter. 

My prosthetist called other prosthetists across the country and they are all reporting the same problem.

It's not just the chattering that is my concern.  While trying out the new unit, it collapsed on me completely for no reason.  I was just standing still about to turn around.  Then bam!!  It just collapsed on me for no apparent reason.

This was the worst spill I ever had since becoming an amputee.  Very scary.  Even though one prosthetist who was standing next to me caught me, I hurt my arm and it's still sore.  My own prosthetist was just shocked. 

If the other prosthetist didn't catch me fall, I would have seriously hurt myself. 

If anybody got this new rheo knee recently, be very careful.  They are seriously defective. 

Herb, I've been refused on a roller coaster before because I tried to get on a ride by standing on a disabled line.  Some really fast roller coasters, they don't let you get on it if they realize you are wearing a prosthetic leg. 

So what I would do is just wait on a regular line like everyone else to get on those ultra fast rides. 

But now after reading the article, I am not so sure if I want to get on those ultra fast rides next time I am at the park with my kids.

As far as a go-cart, it's quite dangerous for AK to get on one.  I had crashed really bad on a go-cart once because my prosthetic leg got in the way.

Even when I get on my regular car, I make sure my left leg (prosthetic side) stays clear of the brake.  On a long drive, sometimes your prosthetic leg can shift without you realizing and start touching the brake.  This had happened to me more than once before. 

With our c-leg, echelon foot and a torsion pylon, we even forget sometimes that we are amputees.  But I think it's important that we still take extra caution whenever we do something new.

The state seal proves nothing.   Ask any ID theft specialist.  Just search google and you can learn how to create false birth certificates.  It's very easy.

You can do the delayed report birth certificate route & get a state certified birth certificate with a seal.   Seal means absolutely nothing!!

If you were truly born in the U.S., could you not ask the hospital where you were born at & ask for records?  Ask any OB/Gyn.

Does it shock any of you that no hospital in the U.S. has record of Obama being born & not even Obama's family members can't agree on which hospital he was born at?

People, I was not an Obama hater.  I was his supporter. 

But I believe that we have been deceived & our Constitution has been violated.

It's not just this one article.  If Obama was truly born in the U.S., there has to be a long-form birth certificate.  Obama doesn't have one.  What does that tell you?

Ridicule these so called "birthers" all you want but I assure you.  People will be shocked when this fraud is uncovered.

If you know anyone who works at SSA, just ask him or her.  They will tell you that they are equally concerned about Obama's ss#.  Your social security # tells you where you were born.  Obama doesn't have ss# from Hawaii.  And that's no speculation.  That's a fact!!

Yeah, Donal Trump maybe a total fruitcake but he spent good money hiring the best investigators his money could buy.

Finally, if Obama has nothing to hide, why doesn't he simply disclose his long-form birth certificate?  It will take him less than 5 minutes to order one.  He doesn't because he can't.  Instead, Obama has spent millions of dollars defending suits against his identify so far.

Does that make sense to you at all?

General Discussion / Oh my, oh my, how we have been all deceived!!!
« on: April 12, 2011, 01:56:08 PM »
I am a democrat and I've been a supporter of Obama.  Before attacking me as a paranoid Republican, check my previous postings. 

In fact, I was an avid supporter of Obama.

Check out the link below.

If you can't go to the link above, try googling

"The unraveling of Barry Soetoro, a/k/a Barack Hussein Obama II"

Someone or some force is hard at work trying to block all these links concerning Obama, so you may have to use firefox or something other than IE.

I am absolutely convinced now Obama was not born in Hawaii & matter of fact, he's an illegal alien whose U.S. citizenship has been forged.

How shocking.  How sad.  How evil.

General Discussion / Anybody out there in California?
« on: March 21, 2011, 05:14:03 PM »
Supposedly, a quite deadly earthquake will happen this week or the next week.

If anything close to what happened in Japan happens in California, it will be a total pain to amputees.

I hope nothing happens but there is a psychic up in Canada who's been quite accurate with earthquakes lately has been talking about it so I am bit worried.

If it happens and if what my sister saw in her dreams many years ago happens this week or the next week in California, I would have to agree that Tribulation has begun. 

You can also look up David Owour who correctly predicted Katrina, Tsunami of 2004, Chinese earthquakes, earthquake near the U.S. border, & Chile earthquakes, etc.  He's been correct every single time.  Amazing.

I am just distressed that all these prophets, devil worshippers & what not, not a single one of them is telling us amputees what we need to do.  Do we not count?     I mean, we are more venerable than anyone else.  I lose electricity, I don't walk because I can't charge up my battery.   >:(


It's nobody's fault!!!  Seriously.  48 out of 50 states are facing serious budget deficit crisis right now and states like California could go bankrupt soon.  Historically, Wisconsin has been one of the very few states that have exercised fiscal responsibility over the years.  When I see main media like Fox news ridiculing the current situation in Wisconsin, I am just horrified.

For decades, we've shipped our factories over to China & displaced every imaginable manufacturing jobs in the U.S.   Wal-mart forced almost all U.S. manufacturers to setup factory in China.  Rubbermaid is a very few exception that chose to go bankrupt instead. 

People mindlessly buy endless junk from China and are wondering why we are in this mess.   We've displaced our scientists, engineers, and technicians.  But wait.  That's not enough.  Let's make sure that our educators, who are the backbone of our country, are paid minimum wages so that our public education system is totally ruined. 

We have become a society that encourages and ensures that professional athletes, corrupt CEO's, bankers, and entertainers are paid millions & millions.  At the same time, we are making sure that public servants such as our educators and police officers are paid bare minimum.

We are discouraged from thinking critically and no logical proposition can be stated without public ridicule and smear.   Just think for a moment who is doing all this.  If you are a person of faith, you should go ask your pastor. 

There is no solution to this mess.  We are all doomed.

I am so sad that I even have to make this point.  The reason that senior entitlement has ballooned to 55 trillion is because of the massive fraud perpetrated by the medical professions.  As I have pointed out previously, medical providers would rather amputate your foot rather than curing the diabetic sores because curing it would cost less than $1,000.

Instead of reforming the medical industry and going after those who are responsible, (FDA, pharmaceutical companies, & medical professions that make billions and billions each year) our politicians want to cut off our senior citizens.

There is this great deception only very few people are willing to talk about.  Those that do, face incredible scrutiny and smear tactics.

People need to wake up.  Republicans want to cut off senior citizens.  Obama wants to socialize medicine.  Does either of these ideas appealing to any of you? 

Your average pharmacist can point you to a better medication than what your doctor prescribed.  Your radiology technician who went to 2yr technical institute can tell you exactly what ailment you have, far better than what your doctor can ever hope to understand. 

Instead of understanding what is really going on, people are just pointing fingers at each other blaming the Republicans and Democrats.  Politicians have nothing to do with this mess.  They are just as confused as you are.

If an accountant and a high school teacher teaching mathematics, and if only those two were in charge of our budget, we would not be in this mess.  Instead, the police have been dispatched to go catch the missing senators in Wisconsin who went into hiding.

General Discussion / Now, who is the pastor here?
« on: February 15, 2011, 02:10:05 AM »
I seek guidance and I find none. 

I am being dead serious.

I am in great distress.

Please private message me.


55 trillion = senior entitlement
7.8 trillion = national debt owed by public
16 trillion = us insurance guarantees

I am sorry, it's actually higher than 78.8 trillion now.  This figure was two years ago.  Add few more trillions to that figure.

Herb, from what I know, when peak oil in the US was reached in the 70's, the US was able to import oil from the middle east.   The whole freaking planet is ruining out of oil.  Are you suggesting we import oil from another planet?

I am half joking about invading Canada.  Canada would listen to the U.S. and would quickly stop sellin oil to China without a threat of war from the U.S.

It's so unfortunate that Ron Paul is being laughed at when he's the only politician telling us the truth.  I remember Ross Perot.  Ross Perot was a great man.  He was an honest man and he was a true patriot.  People laughed at him then but look at where we are now.  Perot warned us what would happen if we didn't keep out book straight 20 years ago.

It's too late now.  Ron Paul is telling the truth but he can't offer any solution.  No one can.  Desperate time calls for desperate measures.  Unless we dump 55 trillion dollars in senior entitlements (medicare, medicaid, social security, prescription, etc.) and tell senior citizens to go to hell, we will go bankrupt. 

Our national debt was  $382 billion in 1970.  Do you know what our national debt is right now?  $78.8 trillion.  The total world GDP is less than that.  If we had the power to tax every living soul on this planet 100% of what they earn, we still wouldn't be able to pay our debt.  Now think about that.

You can't get food without the oil.  You can't get oil without the gold.  Peter Schiff, Faber, Soros, even Ron Paul are all saying the same thing.  Dollar is so collapsing.  I don't think they are doomsday cultists.

No matter how much we try to save, there is no way in hell we can pay back 1 trillion we owe to China.  We can barely make the minimum interest payment right now.

I say we invade Canada first to secure our oil.  According to wikileaks few days ago, the head of the Saudi oil guy confessed that peak oil is soooo gone.  Why am I not surprised?  Texas oil guru Pickens said the same thing two years ago infront of the US Senate. 

After we secure the oil in Canada, I say we go invade China while we can. 

In the meanwhile, I am getting a gun or two just in case Obama is foolish enough to think that we can solve this mess without a war.   Man, it's gonna get ugly.  I don't want to live in a third world country. 

LOL.  That's really funny.  Like that's going to solve the problem.   His budget cut will add $7.2 trillion while slashing $1.1 trillion.

For every dollar the US government is spending now, 40 cents are used to pay the interest, half of the debt which is owned by China.  Even if the American public is taxed at 100%,  we can't get out of this mess.

Obama wants to cut heating assistance to low income family.  Is he out of his mind?  People will freeze to death!!!

People need to realize that no matter what the US government does now, it can't avoid the inevitable.  We will go bankrupt.  Soon or later. 

China & Russia has agreed to trade oil and other precious metals without the USD.  IMF proposed creating a world reserve currency that will replace USD.   USD will soon lose its petrodollar status just the the British pound did in 1970's. 

Former head of the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) David Walker says we are going bankrupt anyway!!!

The inevitable collapse of the U.S. economy is upon us.  Most economists and highly respected analysts are all predicting dollar collapse by end of this year/early next year.   Just check CNBC. 

We won't be able to import oil anymore.  Food price will skyrocket. 

Solution?  Get gold & guns because the food riot is coming near you. 

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