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Title: Lump
Post by: Steve C on June 25, 2013, 05:57:26 AM
Has anyone experienced a somewhat raised, red, very sore lump (bump) on the inside side of their knee before? Its slightly bigger than 1/4'' across. I've had one for a week or so and it's driving me crazy. When it first started, I thought I may have had the leg too tight so I took off one, then two cotton socks which did seem to help even though it made the leg a bit loose. When it didn't go I left the leg off for most of a day and that helped as well. I wore the leg all day yesterday and I felt back to normal until I was reading late last night. The bump and pain came back when I got up to move. This morning it was as bad as ever and I can't even wear the leg at all. :(
I've had the year a year or so and never a problem. I haven't been doing anything out of the ordinary so I don't know what I may have done to it.

Any advice?
Title: Re: Lump
Post by: DaveC on June 25, 2013, 09:09:57 AM
I'm new to all this so what the heck do I know.
I had a trainer leg for 6 months and just got the the Plie 2.0.
But, yea, sometimes I gotta just not wear it for a day or so to let my stump 'heal' up a bit.
Fortunately I work from home so I can easily sit around in my underwear with my stump breathing freely.

So, yea, if ya can, give the leg a break, (not the same as breaking a leg)  and let us know what happens

Title: Re: Lump
Post by: Steve C on June 27, 2013, 08:30:57 AM
Thanks Dave. We must think alike as that's what I've been doing. I had it off all day Tuesday, and only wore it a few hours yesterday (when I went to a friends house for dinner). The bump is still there and somewhat red but no pain. What I might try is to not not wear the leg if I can (maybe just for trips to the shop) and hopefully the bump will go away. Unfortunately, patience is not a virtue I have when it comes to the leg.
I must admit after being an amp for nearly thirteen years, with all the little annoyances that come with it, being on the crutches is doing my head in. Everything is just a bit harder, washing the dishes, getting a cup of coffee..etc etc. We've all been there!
Title: Re: Lump
Post by: Dolphin on August 06, 2013, 05:12:11 PM
If staying off of it heals it then when you wear it again it gets sores, I would go to my prosthetist because it appears to be a fit problem.  I also am impatient when it comes to a sore leg due to a prosthesis!