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Title: Types of Knee Joints / Legs used ...
Post by: King Rocky on April 07, 2008, 12:45:39 AM
I know some of us in the forum have been amputees for a while ... and some are fairly new.
For those of us, who have changed either the knee joints or Leg/Foot ... can we post some details as to the benefit of one over the other and what the disadvantages are?

I'm wondering if we could do a NEW TOPIC with the title of the particular joint/leg or foot, we are talking about ... rather than just replying to this ... so, anyone who wants to get some feedback concerning a particular product, can get it.
And anyone having a differing opinion can raise that as well ... so, it's not lopsided.
Please, let's not use the sales pitch or copy from a brochure ... but share from our experience.  Thanks.

I'll get going with the 2 types of joints I have used so far ...