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Title: ACA Lobby Day in Washington DC
Post by: naseigfried on February 13, 2009, 08:48:42 AM
This is only for USA amputees who want better insurance coverage for their prosthetics. We need help from those who have good coverage also. You never know when your coverage could change.

The ACA is sponsoring a Lobby Day for some of us to personally meet with our respective state delegates to the House and Senate. It will be held on March 10 from 9:30AM to 5:00PM in Washington DC. If you can attend you should contact Morgan Sheets ( at the ACA office in Washington DC. She needs to know how many people will be there and to make sure that appointments are made to meet with the legislators.

If you cannot attend, now would be a great time to write a short note to your state's legislators to make them aware of the pitiful coverage some of us have concerning our prosthetics. You could even send an email to them instead. The staff read all emails. You can bet that if will get noticed. You can find a list of your legislators by visiting one of the following sites:

I know that our Reps and Senators are busy dealing with economic issues, but we need to make them aware that we need some attention also.

Get involved!!!! I will be attending as are a few of our other members. Help us help you.
Title: Re: ACA Lobby Day in Washington DC
Post by: pegleg jack on February 13, 2009, 09:38:33 AM
Already been done and have let them know twice about, i get this information from ACA, IN MOTION mag. The only bad thing is that i am unable to travel to DC for it. Sure wish that a could, would give me a chance to maybe give our senator a piece of my mind on this issue,
Title: Re: ACA Lobby Day in Washington DC
Post by: Dick Stevens on February 22, 2009, 05:47:41 PM
I plan on being there in DC on Lobby Day.  Sure hope it does more good than our lobby day in Harrisburg PA in 2007.

Yes, they're gonna be busy with the Economic Crisis.  We have to let them know that for us amps, Parity IS part of our Economic Crisis.

I'm in the process of ordering a new pair of BK prostheses, and the co-pay is definitely more than pocket change.

Hmm. ...... now if I could get a multi-million dollar bonus like these bank executives, I wouldn't have to worry about how to pay for these new fake hoofs, right?   ::)
Title: Re: ACA Lobby Day in Washington DC
Post by: naseigfried on March 16, 2009, 09:51:21 AM
I didn't get to see you Dick if you were there. There were so many people going to different directions. We won't know if we made a difference for quite some time. Of the 5 congressmen I was assigned to visit, I only actually met one. The rest were legislative assistants. My first was Sen Tom Coburn who is one of my Senators. His aide told me right up front how opposed they were to legislative mandates. They think that universal healthcare reform is the best way. I agree totally, but that is in the longrun. We need some help in the short term.

Dr Jeff Cain who is from Colorado and himself a bilateral BK liked to say that there were 200 people at lobby day with about 70 legs among us. I thought that was funny.

It was a grueling day. A lot of walking back and forth across the hill. If you haven't been there, the Capitol is on a hill with the Senate office buildings across the street on the north and the House office buildings across the street on the south. The Capitol itself takes up about 2-3 city blocks. Add to that the walking while seeing some sights. Stumpy still hasn't forgiven me for all that walking. One of the highlights of my trip was visiting some of the amputee soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. They have a great program there with lots of state-of-the-art equipment at their disposal.