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Title: Rhabdomyalgia, Another Blessing.
Post by: Joe A. on January 28, 2009, 02:38:33 PM
Last year really sucked for me and this year isn't shaping up much better. Just came home from the Reading Hospital after another week or so long adventure in pain. The Good news is they have a name for the disorder that's causing the disorder that's destroying my blood and leaving me with a.. well.. Disorder.

It's called rhabdomyalgia. In essence it is the willful self destruction of the musculature. The reason I bring it to your attention today is that for many people it can be brought on by the use of "Statin" type drugs. Of all the irony in the world I don't take Statins. I'm allergic to them. I use natural things like diet and excersize to control cholesterol. What a YUTZ! Here all along I could have eaten whatever I wanted and just doubled up on the Lipitor?

If you take statins and experience muscle pain, weakness or joint distress then please talk to your doctor at once. Remember "Time is Muscle".
Title: Re: Rhabdomyalgia, Another Blessing.
Post by: pegleg jack on January 28, 2009, 04:53:02 PM
Joe, that is one of the very reasons why i will not let my doc put me on one of those statin drugs, and we had one big fight about it a couple of times and i flushed them all down the, you know what.

hang in there joe, and hopefully nothing more will show up and knock you down.
Title: Re: Rhabdomyalgia, Another Blessing.
Post by: stinker373 on January 29, 2009, 09:42:20 PM
Jack, How is your Cholesterol now?  Do you get it checked every three months or what do they do to keep tabs on it?
Title: Re: Rhabdomyalgia, Another Blessing.
Post by: herb on January 30, 2009, 12:05:01 PM
Hi Joe -hope your treatment has been successful. Too many of these drugs have side effects that are worse than the problem you take the drugs for. Side effects are usually worse when you are taking multiple drugs. I read once that 25% of people taking statins have side effects. I keep my cholesterol down with a mostly vegetarian diet. Fifteen years ago my doctor put me on drugs for high blood pressure and cholesterol. I immediately started feeling poor and told my doctor I had no energy and reduced libido. He said the side effects should be put up with for the benefits. I quit both drugs and worked on my diet and have had excellent results. Be well, Herb
Title: Re: Rhabdomyalgia, Another Blessing.
Post by: pegleg jack on January 30, 2009, 06:34:35 PM
Stinker, it is roughly some where between 200 and 220 and have it check twice a year and it was  at 216 and the doc was happy with that cause when she first saw me i was over 330 and am on ZETIA and  watch what i eat and how much.

P.S. ZETIA is not a satin drug, it works in you big intestine and not you blood and does not try to shut your liver down like the statins due.
Title: Re: Rhabdomyalgia, Another Blessing.
Post by: Minerva on February 09, 2009, 05:24:47 PM
Not nice, Joe.  :(

It can also be caused by other things too, such as alcoholic bingeing.
Title: Re: Rhabdomyalgia, Another Blessing.
Post by: Joe A. on February 23, 2009, 06:13:00 PM
I did not know that Minerva. It couldn't be drinking for me as I am limited to a quarter ounce of Benedictine the first Sunday of every month. I could not possibly touch a drop due to the strong narcotics I have to use daily. In fact I won't even drive.

I take Oxycontin twice per day then a few Hydrocodone for what they call breakout pain. It took me weeks to get accustomed to them. They even effected my eyesight so I couldn't read scripture. My wife went out and bought me this humongus Bible with print so big you could see it from space! I don't even need my reading glasses. It's so big you can read it with your eye's closed.

I am happy to be home again. The hospital is fantastic and they treat me so well that I hate to leave. I want to go back to Hawai'i but I am not well enough and may never be again. So maybe they mail my ashes?

Good news is that my daughter has so far beat cancer. Not quite well enough for the surgery yet but very soon. The PET scan shows no trace of cancer at all. We were all together at the house in Pa. for christmas. I couldn't feel more blessed than to have the son-in-laws. One will soon be a PhD in Physics from Baylor. A fantastic Christian University in Texas while the other is working on his Masters in Math.

Talk about boooooring table conversation. They start getting fired up over some pointless old formula. I tell them they are both wrong and offer to prove it when my Mrs. gives me the stink eye. I'm like, "What?". My mother kicks me under the table and then I get the point and suggest we adjurn to the study to continue their lesson.

I thought it was fun and really enjoyed their visit.
Title: Re: Rhabdomyalgia, Another Blessing.
Post by: Minerva on February 25, 2009, 05:19:14 AM
Hi Joe

I wasn't actually thinking that you'd be alcohol bingeing. No, I found a useful webpage ( and thought it was interesting ... especially as so much bingeing goes on in the UK.

Btw, if your eyesight is poor, have you thought of getting a 'talking' bible?