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Title: Hi all
Post by: ginger on February 27, 2008, 07:29:01 PM
Hi all ,
I'm getting ready to head out tonight for a sleep study.  I have been having a very hard time sleeping since I came off all the pain medication. 5 years on Oxycontin, Duragesic, Percocet,Morphine.  All at the same time if you can imagine that, I was still in pain from a bone infection.  And I was walking around, and driving.  Now that I think about it I'm lucky I didn't kill myself or someone else.
I have been off all pain meds now for about 3 months.  I can't get to sleep usually until about 2 or 3 AM and need to be up at 6 AM to get my daughter ready for school.  I then go back to sleep for about an hour or so. 
I went to a sleep specialist on Monday and he thinks I need this study to see if I have apnea.  I have also started to snore which I have never done before.  He tells me that I need to deprive myself of sleep before I can get better.  I don't think that I can survive on any less sleep than I am getting.
My family doctor and Psych have tried different sleep meds and even tried tranquilizers. I sit in the dark wide awake thinking about anything and everything, from the floor needs to be vacuumed to the anger and depression of the loss of my leg.  I have to tried to go bed at 10 PM and I lay in bed wide awake for an hour and then get up so I don't wake up my husband.
Sorry but I just needed to vent.  I will try to keep everyone up to date on how the sleeping goes.
Any suggestions on how to get better sleep is more than welcome.
Thanks all.
Ginger :D
Title: Re: Hi all
Post by: herb on February 27, 2008, 09:56:45 PM
Hi Ginger - when I went cold turkey off my pain meds, I went a long time before I got any sleep, let alone back into a good sleep routine. I tried sleeping pills for a while, but got little help from them. For me hard work and exercise help me get to sleep. I do not know how much this helps women, but most men sleep well after making love. I tell my wife that it works for me. Eating well seems to help me. I also take melatonin at night. Good luck, Herb
Title: Re: Hi all
Post by: Dick Stevens on February 28, 2008, 02:43:46 AM
Hi, Ginger:

You might want to check out Herb's advice: "I do not know how much this helps women, but most men sleep well after making love."   :)

Surely, your husband would enjoy being part of your therapy program, Hehe.   :o

More fun than pills, right?
Title: Re: Hi all
Post by: ann on February 28, 2008, 08:54:25 AM
Ginger, I do believe we have some dirty 'ol men on our (really neat) new forum.  Pay them no mind...and take acouple good slugs of wine before you go to sleep.

Helps me....what can I say?
Title: Re: Hi all
Post by: pegleg jack on February 28, 2008, 09:41:37 AM
 :-*Ginger, there is no need to be sorry, for this is one of the main reason that these forums exsist, it give us a place to talk about it where many times we cant talk about to our friends or relatives, and it does a world of good to get it off your chest so to speak.

As for your not being able to sleep, i can relate to that, i sat up on the bed with my stumps tucked under me for almost 4 hours because of phantom pain in my right stump. and if you have started to snore that is the first sign of sleep apnea and you do need to be tested. here is how they did it to me, the first test they had me stay awake for 36 hrs and then had me lay on a bed and fall asleep while the instruments where hooked up to me, the second test i had a recorder wire to me for 24 hrs and it recorded every thing i did in conjuction with my breathing. i snore but lucky enough not to have it.

The only thing i have found that helps is to place a  small heating pad in the small of my back and turn in on low and that some times does the trick. it may or may not work for you cause we are all just a little differant in make up.

So hang in there girl, and hopefully thing will get better for you,
Title: Re: Hi all
Post by: ginger on February 28, 2008, 12:38:51 PM
I just love playing with the new colors.
Anyway, I had the first part of my sleep study last night.  I got there abut 9 PM and they hooked me up with wires all over, 20 in all.  Then they just told me to try to relax and go to sleep. 
I think I had one of the best nights sleep I've had in a long time.  Although they woke me up at 5 AM.
Of course they couldn't tell me how things went, but I do have to go back in 2 weeks for the treatment part of the study, which tells me that there is something going on, or I wouldn't need that part of the study. So I came home and went back to sleep for a couple of hours, the strange thing is that I dreamed which I haven't done in years.
As for the sex suggestion, I would really love to try, unfortunately, my husband really hasn't accepted my loss of limb yet.  I think that he's worried about hurting me.  But I am a lot more flexable now.
Thanks for all the suggestions and lease keep them coming.
Title: Re: Hi all
Post by: Michael on February 28, 2008, 12:56:26 PM
Hi Ginger,
You should try Melatonin 5 mg.  Like you I have difficulty with good sleep.  Do a Google search and read all about Melatonin.  You can buy it in places like Walmart but it's better quality from a good health food store.  Since you live here go to the Olive Branch on Ellicott st across from Wortzman Furniture to get the best stuff.  Also Kava Kava and Valerian Root work well.  One hour after taking Melatonin I am sound asleep.  I am sure it's the most well researched sleeping aid ever.  Melatonin is a chemical already in your brain.

Title: Re: Hi all
Post by: ginger on February 28, 2008, 05:20:54 PM
Thanks, I will talk to you tomarrow more about it when I see you.