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Title: 3 legged pets
Post by: Mitchee on May 05, 2008, 11:37:55 AM
I know that other people on this forum have 3 legged pets.  I thought that I would share a couple of photos of my 3 legged cats. 

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Dell was about 8 weeks old when he was found wandering downtown Wisconsin Dells with a badly broken front leg.  A nice person took him to the animal shelter.  Unfortunately, his leg had to be amputated.  I adopted Dell shortly after his amputation. Dell is also pictured in my avatar. 

The other 2 cats pictured are brother and sister.  Cody (the orange and white cat) and Deanna (the black and white cat) are each missing their right hind leg.  Their mother chewed off their legs when they were born.  They also came from the same animal shelter as Dell.   :)

I have also owned several other 3 legged pets (2 other cats and 2 Golden Retrievers).  IMHO, three legged pets make great companions.   :)
Title: Re: 3 legged pets
Post by: Steve C on May 06, 2008, 06:26:14 AM
Lovely looking animals! Did you know that there are websites for the owners of disabled pets? Heres one but I bet there are loads of them. (