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General Discussion / Moving House
« on: April 25, 2008, 10:46:00 AM »
We, as a family are moving from our current location (in Lonavala, near Mumbai) to Bangalore (down South) next week.
Will be back on this forum again by 2nd week in May.

General Discussion / Teo or others with MAS Socket
« on: April 25, 2008, 10:34:42 AM »
I understand that you have a MAS socket.  I'm interested in getting one.
Apparently, there is only one person who is trained for the MAS technology in India.
Anyway, how long is stump?  Or how high is it from your knee (i mean, where your knee would have been!!)

I'm a good 6-8 away from the knee.  Is that good for a MAS socket.
I will meet with this guy in 2 months time, but it's good to know what others have experienced.

In my opinion / 3R80
« on: April 07, 2008, 12:57:46 AM »
I'm now using the 3R80 (OttoBock) knee joint since 2 - 3 months.
It's a mechanical knee joint, with a bit of hydraulics. 
The big plus here is that, it offers STANCE RESISTANCE.  The swing phase is not as good as the 3R60, but that can be easily compromised.

I could descend stairs naturally (though it will be obvious, that I'm not normal!) .. holding on to the railing.
While standing and sitting and getting up suddenly, it offers the support, and it doesn't buckle.
I have not fallen since I've had this.

The movement is not natural or real as one claims it is with the microprocessor legs/joints ... but this will do for the price.

The disadvantage, it doesn't bend easily ... so, we have to press it down so it stays down.  Especially when sitting on a high chair, chances are it will be portruding itself a bit out and we don't even realize, unless and until someone trips on it and are upset that we didn't move out of their way in time.

Personally, I think this is a much better knee joint for active above knee amputees ...

In my opinion / 3R60
« on: April 07, 2008, 12:52:14 AM »
I used a 3R60 knee joint (from OttoBock) for nearly 21 months ... and while I trained myself to walk with a Prosthesis and was thankful that I could walk again ... I realized that it didn't offer the STANCE support, which I was looking for.

Being an active above knee amputee, I was very limited and restricted with what it offered.
In a slightly tilted position it would buckle under the weight of my body and didn't provide much resistance, in fact ZERO resistance.
I had fallen down quite badly on a few occasions and hence developed a walking habit of drawing my foot, rather than utilizing the hydraulic knee joint to help me with the SWING PHASE.

The good thing about it was that if I were to sit down and lift both my legs up, this would bend down ... this is especially good, when I'm sitting as a pillion rider on a bike, while sitting astride.

But certainly this knee joint is not the one for me.
The 15 degree flex which they claim it offers, IT VIRTUALLY DOESN'T ... at least the one I had didn't and they couldn't do anything about it.

In my opinion / Types of Knee Joints / Legs used ...
« on: April 07, 2008, 12:45:39 AM »
I know some of us in the forum have been amputees for a while ... and some are fairly new.
For those of us, who have changed either the knee joints or Leg/Foot ... can we post some details as to the benefit of one over the other and what the disadvantages are?

I'm wondering if we could do a NEW TOPIC with the title of the particular joint/leg or foot, we are talking about ... rather than just replying to this ... so, anyone who wants to get some feedback concerning a particular product, can get it.
And anyone having a differing opinion can raise that as well ... so, it's not lopsided.
Please, let's not use the sales pitch or copy from a brochure ... but share from our experience.  Thanks.

I'll get going with the 2 types of joints I have used so far ...

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