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General Discussion / Prosthetist in DC area
« on: July 09, 2012, 08:41:09 PM »
I'm looking for recommendations for prosthetists in the DC Metro area.  I am moving to PG County in Maryland and am looking for suggestions from current patients for companies in this general area.

When I get a list of 2 or 3 I'll give them a call and setup an initial consultation to see who I like.  I did that in PA and got a really great prosthetist.  I just can't drive 4 hours to see him anymore.


General Discussion / Double amputee dream
« on: February 23, 2012, 01:27:07 AM »
Here's a funny dream.... 

A few months back I had a dream that I woke up, looked at all the prosthetics next to the bed and basically tossed them all away from me.  I stood up (on two real legs) and began walking to the bathroom.  The toes on my left foot vanished.  When I took the next step, the toes on the right foot vanished.  Then the left foot vanished, then the right.  Then I was walking on my tibias as though I were a double symes.  Then I was walking on double bk stumps and fell over.  (remember this was ALL a dream)

It was the morning of one of my appointments with my phsyiatrist and prosthetist, so just for fun, I told them about this dream.  The phsyiatrist said that at some point, every double amputee he has talked to has had a dream almost exactly like this one.  (this was 18 months or so after losing the second leg)

Have any other double amputees had a dream like this one?

And in most of my dreams, I walk or run, but don't know if it's real legs or prosthetics that I'm walking and running on.

General Discussion / Great job - but?
« on: September 27, 2010, 12:07:55 PM »

I love hearing stories about soldiers who are able to move past a major injury, in this case a double amp (leg and partial foot). 

But a serious debate - should he really be able to go back to combat?  The Marines re-upped a guy who is blind, but he's working with wounded and blind soldiers in the states.  Combat?  You don't have time to change from "walking" to "running" legs in combat, let alone put one on if it's off.  Should these guys be back in a combat situation?

There is a new program that takes seriously wounded soldiers back to the place of their injury (or as close as possible) and back with the troops as a form of closure.  For many, this is what they are really looking for.  For those who need actual combad - I think they (Dept of Defense, Army/Marines) need to look at the overall risk to that soldier and the troops who will depend on them.

I'm not trying to start an argument, so please keep this thoughtful.  What do you think?  What if you were the guy who is now on patrol with an amputee?  In this "war on terror" even the green zones and "safe" areas are vulnerable to attack.

What are your thoughts?

General Discussion / Amputee abused by police
« on: July 08, 2010, 09:18:18 AM »
Wow, Steve is usually the one with news story links!  I beat him to this one!

Police arrested a man, beat him, "ripped his prosthetic off" and locked him in a cage for a day.....

General Discussion / Men of Honor - movie
« on: June 19, 2010, 07:56:08 PM »

I was wondering if you've seen the movie "Men of Honor" with Cuba Gooding?  It has a scene that sounds quite a bit like what happened to your leg.  And it's a pretty cool movie too - although I keep missing the first 15 minutes of it every time it's on tv.

General Discussion / new legs
« on: June 15, 2010, 07:37:33 AM »
Yesterday morning I got to try on my new legs.  After a few adjustments to the feet I was able to stand pretty well.  And even walk.  We shot a short video of me walking in the parallel bars and it's clear to see the left leg is more experienced, it walked very smoothly.  The right one was pretty good - especially for the first time!

My leg guy was amazed that I could walk without holding the bars on my first day.

I can pick up the right leg next week, they will adjust an old left leg to match the height.  Then I get the new left leg on the 28th.

General Discussion / feeling almost stupid, but.....
« on: April 22, 2010, 06:42:17 AM »
I've dragged my butt around on the 2nd floor by various methods for a long time.  I've always said that the wheelchair won't work because it can't make any turns in the narrow hallway.

BUT that was before I tried it this morning.  Turns out, I've got a different wheelchair up there now, and it actually does work in the hallways and I can even roll into the bathroom next to the tub!  (but not the toilet)  Yippie!  Why didn't I try this before?  I think this will make life easier.

Just goes to show me that just because something doesn't work for mobility reasons, I need to try it again another time and maybe it will work!

General Discussion / amputee board (leg rest)
« on: April 17, 2010, 07:47:19 PM »
Have any of you seen an "amputee board"?  They had something at the hospital, it slid under the wheelchair cushion, stuck out and you rest the stump on it.  But it gets in the way, and sounded expensive when I asked to buy one.

Then I did a google search and found this:
I found this at several vendors, one of them for under $125

If I were going to build one, this is pretty close to the design I'd have come up with.

I'm just curious if any of you have something like this, have seen something like this, etc.  I made the leap (ha ha) and ordered the one for $125  If you're curious, I'll let you know when it arrives, how well I think it works.

Oh, and if you look at the pictures, I think some of the black stripes are velcro strips so you can velcro a pad to the stump board.  Pads not included (or at least not listed on the web pages).

General Discussion / Question for DBKs
« on: March 27, 2010, 01:14:06 PM »
When the doc talked to me the other day, he said he wanted to make this stump match the other as closely as possible, length, the Ertl width, etc.  I thought that was a good idea.

I also talked to my leg guy, and he said "don't get hung up on having them exact matches".  He said having a longer stump - even if it's an inch or three longer - can give better leverage and make walking and balance that much easier.  He said that being a double, it's easy enough to go up and make room for a component.
I asked him, what about starting off life shorter for better balance.  He said that's my call, but he sees no problem starting me at my current height or even up an inch or so if necessary for feet and components.  I asked about DAKs cause I know length and starting out short benefits them quite a bit and was told dbk is different from dak in this respect.

So my question to DBKs out there:
Are both your stumps the same length (or within an inch of each other)?

Do you wish one or both of them were longer?

Are you the same height you were before, if not is it up or down?

Did you loose both at roughly the same time, or was there significant time (more than a year) between them.

Thanks for your input folks!

And for the non-dbk folk out there, when I give people my name and number, I tell them "I'm one-legged Jason" to keep be different than the other guys I know named Jason, or my one-legged Vince friend.  (Or my no-legged vince friend).  What new nickname should I give?


General Discussion / funny suggestions please
« on: March 25, 2010, 08:09:23 AM »
I'm looking for suggestions for my facebook status..... Today's is "I'm planning something lame for April 7th"
I don't want to give away the whole thing right off tho, suspense can be fun.

Yesterday my doc and I scheduled a right bk amp for me.  Yeah, read my little signature line, this is my "good" foot according to most people.  It's not good anymore, trust me on that one.


General Discussion / like a tornado.... but not
« on: November 20, 2009, 07:29:54 PM »
Hey there!  I've not been on here in ages.  School has been keeping me hopping.  Well, you know what I mean.

I bought a pair of "Tornado" tips for crutches a few years back.  I really like them, but I can't use crutches anymore.  So I thought I'd see if they make tornados for cane tips.  They do, but only if you buy THEIR CANE.  (

Does anyone know of cane tips that are similar to these?  They were good on wet, they had a nice wide base....


General Discussion / Funny shoe story
« on: August 14, 2009, 01:16:40 AM »
Ok, I'll admit it, I like shoes.  Always have.  (yes, I'm a guy, we like cool shoes too!)

So I was in a mall, stopped and checked out some cool shoes.  The clerk went to get them in my size, when she returned, I asked for the right shoe (real foot).  I hit the release, pulled the left leg off (and out of my sweat pants) and handed it to her, asking her to please put the left shoe on that foot.

When she was done putting the shoe on, she was pushing on the toe of the shoe to make sure the toes had plenty of room.  On the fake leg 3 feet away from me.  I thought I was imagining this, but a friend who was in the store with me said the same thing.  He even thought she was going to ask me to try and wiggle the toes on that foot too.  We thought this was all pretty funny!

General Discussion / ACA this year
« on: March 31, 2009, 09:17:03 PM »
Hey, who all is going to the ACA this year?

I'm going for the first time in several years.  They have a swimming event listed as a limited availability event, not sure what it's going to be, but I signed up for it.

General Discussion / most common question you are asked
« on: February 19, 2009, 05:43:41 PM »
I'm trying to make a list of the most common questions we as amputees are asked by people.  I want to make up like a top 5 list of questions and hopefully be able to put them in order.  This will be part of presentations I'm giving at school.  I present a lesson on Phantom Pain to a class studying the brain and how it works, and a lesson on amputees as athletes to the athletic training department.

For myself, I think the most common questions are:
phantom pain
how did it happen
does it hurt to walk (on the prosthetic)
how long did it take to learn to walk



General Discussion / Reflex VSP
« on: February 02, 2009, 03:11:26 PM »
I'm now trying out this foot.....  I like the way it walks, I like the shock absorber.  It's a bit heavy, but at least I feel like I'm getting some benefit from the weight.

BUT.....  (ya knew there was one coming, right?)

It seems like when the shock compresses, it hits a limit, then goes just a tiny bit further.  Especially if I'm standing on it, not so much if I'm walking on it.  When I go from standing to walking, this reverses and it feels wierd - the only way to describe it is "like the shoe is suctioned to the floor".  It pops off the floor easily, but there is that slight moment of hesitation where it's stuck.  It's not really, but that's the only way I can describe it.

Does anyone have one of these?  Does this sound like the shock is bottoming out?  Is it me?  I go back and see the CP on Thursday morning, and would like to have an idea or two from other people who have personal experience with this particular foot.  If you've never walked on this foot, please note that in any comments you may choose to make.  I'm looking specifically for comments from other people who have tried this particular foot.

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