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12 year old boy asks for amputation



So happy for this young boy.,  hope he continues to be able to take on the world.  I would imagine the Shriners will do a great job.  :)

Glad he is getting his wish, sometime to much time spent trying to save a limb that will be useless. I know people like that.

I had the same thing, this boy has went through many unsuccessful operations because of it. Amputation was suggested many times to my parents, but they rejected and tried to save my leg. When amputation would have been the better choice. I think theses parents are wonderful for giving this boy a the long run I developed a bone infection and had no choice but to  loose my keg 10 years ago..I only wish I had done this as a child and escape all the painful, useless operations that excluded a leg brace all my life until amputation, pins, rods, fixaters  screws, and what ever else they tried on me. 


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