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Where'd you go?

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Joe A.:
I don't know why you all aren't posting. Was there some upheaval that left you angry with one another? A hundred years ago when I lost my leg, If I hadn't found this forum I would have died. It was this site that gave me help and hope. Sometimes they pissed me off with brutal honesty. Other times they laid a hand on my shoulder to cheer me up but all in all I learned that our greatest resource is each other. God bless Mike for still hosting this forum. God bless you for coming here to share what you know.

Steve C:
I assume people drifted away slowly. The posts dropped and so people checked in less often. I remember the days of chatting with Bruce and George (!).
I hated to see it get quiet. Coming here is like Christmas with the family. Sure, there may be arguments but there is a mutual respect and caring too.

Joe A.:
Perhaps if you could convince Mike to open the registration more people might come. I had a terrible time getting back on.

I agree this is a great forum and thanks to mike for keeping it up, I think the problem with opening it up you get manufactured etc and other people not to trust.

Joe A.:
I thought it was some political cause regarding international copyright or something. I don't know as I was unconscious for a couple of years


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