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What system is best for an AK

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Well, I finally got my prosthesis's attention that my socket sucks, but, unfortunately not literally.
I got the Plie' 2.0 and it's a great knee, but my socket, as usual, doesn't fit right.

Other than it's too long (the ankle shaft is too long, but it's the shortest they got. My residual is long)
It rubs/chaffs/rash's which is partly due to the liner, but I think I got that worked out
But, as usual, it loses suction. It's a Neg Pressure system. Just the Liner, put it on,  push it in the socket, press the air valve and release when it's tight.

But, after a short time, it's back to pressing down on my stump, releasing air, etc, over and over again. Every time I stand up, and after a few minutes of walking.   I shouldn't have to continually bend over to release the air, get my suction back, before I walk another 50 feet.  And at the end of the day, my stump hurts, is sore, and it hurts to press down.

So, we're looking at a different system.
He suggested a neg pressure  with a pin.
Some people I've talked to don't like the pin system but they're BK's, so not sure it I can use that in my decision making process.

So, I'm asking  those AK's here, what attachment system you got, do you like it, what would you rather have if it isn't satisfactory, etc etc.

I know, it's only been not even 2 years since my accident, and I'm bitching, but, others in our support group that had their amputation AFTER me are already set with he best and walking fine.

My problem is, I'm going thru the VA, and, yes, most of what you heard about the long delays, I am experiencing. But, fortunately, one of our support group members is on the board, and put a bug in the Chief's ear, and now I'm starting to get attention.

But, I need to know what to ask for as far as what method of attachment is good/better/best.

And, here's a article on our group

I'm on the far right


Carry on


I hate replying to myself, but, yesterday I was fitted for a new socket, given a better liner, and had the dep dir of the VA Hosp I'm going thru, oversee the process.
I've got a new Plie' 2.0 sitting in the box waiting for the socket.
And, it's going to be the right length, and attach directly under the socket.
 (the one I have now is offset to compensate for the articulation of my stump)
(my issues were: 1. Poor fitting socket, losing air while walking (let alone sitting)  2: too long by 3/8 inch 3: rubbed in my crotch)

My stump has now shrunk a little more and is now hanging down to almost the same level/angle as my good leg. (vs forward a little)

So, hopefully I'm on the way to a better gait and normality (whatever that may be for me)

Love, prayers, and the best of our situation to all.


Cool article Dave, I love the Plie2 so much it is amazing and lighter. Have you gotten your leg all squared away?

Well, a little bump in the road, so to speak.
Seems I developed a sore/wound/blister at the bottom of my stump.
The Dr thinks there something inside trying to get out, like  a piece of bone, suture, etc.
So, they're gonna cut it open, remove 'whatever' it is, then I heal up and get back to getting the new socket.
Hopefully the wait will be worth it.
Just one of those things we gotta put up with.

But, hopefully I'll be all set up by this summer so I can get back to living, retirement, traveling, riding, etc etc.

love to all

Dave, hope everything goes well with your surgery. I love the PliĆ© so much, would not trade it for any thing.  As far as you contract urges, your leg coming out more than good leg, exercises can help and Physical therapist can really help, if you can go regularly they can give you exercises to help reduce the contracture.  The more you walk they will have to take some of the angle out of the socket.
All the best!


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