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Hello everyone 8) My name is Gary and I am the webmaster putting your new forum in place. If you would like to change your theme (look of the site) to something different than the default, you can go into your profile in the top navigation, In your profile you will see navigation on the left column. Look for Modify Profile > Look and Layout Preferences The top category will be Current Theme: SMF Default Theme - Core (change) Click on change and you can pick a new theme. Look around in all the profile option to include your picture and many other options. Have fun in your new forum I hope you find it user friendly and faster than the old forum.
ps your new forum has spell check.

King Rocky:
Hi Gary,
For some strange reason the theme doesn't work for me.  I changed it, but I still have the original theme as background.
I'm unable to add or upload any pictures as there are no options and also the signature section doesn't appear.
King Rocky

King Rocky:
OK Gary,
Since I last wrote ... I was able to add a photo and also add my signature and edit my profile a bit.
Great stuff!

King Rocky
I'm glad you were able to figure everything out so far. I hope everyone on this forum will have a smooth transition from the old to the new.

"Gary" I have tried to use the change color, but am too DUMB to get it to work.

Using very easy words, tell me what to do to make it work!!



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