King Rocky:
I used a 3R60 knee joint (from OttoBock) for nearly 21 months ... and while I trained myself to walk with a Prosthesis and was thankful that I could walk again ... I realized that it didn't offer the STANCE support, which I was looking for.

Being an active above knee amputee, I was very limited and restricted with what it offered.
In a slightly tilted position it would buckle under the weight of my body and didn't provide much resistance, in fact ZERO resistance.
I had fallen down quite badly on a few occasions and hence developed a walking habit of drawing my foot, rather than utilizing the hydraulic knee joint to help me with the SWING PHASE.

The good thing about it was that if I were to sit down and lift both my legs up, this would bend down ... this is especially good, when I'm sitting as a pillion rider on a bike, while sitting astride.

But certainly this knee joint is not the one for me.
The 15 degree flex which they claim it offers, IT VIRTUALLY DOESN'T ... at least the one I had didn't and they couldn't do anything about it.


The thing I ahve about it is that I am always waiting for the foot to come ahead.  So that is a slow down for me and makes it look funny when I walk. 


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