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Prosthetic components feed back
« on: October 26, 2012, 09:49:31 PM »
I just wanted to tell everyone out about a gel suspension sleeve that I have not gotten a whole I one yet going on more than a month. I was lucky if they lasted a week.  My opinion might be different than a bk because I use on knee disartic side silicone line, sock the socket And gel suspension on outside at top to hold suspension, I do not have normal type of suction but close but with liner which protects my skin and the the sleeve for putter suspension, the sleeves has to go above the socket and seal against liner for secure fit.
I normally would not endorse a product but it is phone is 1800 434 6098 and Claus the owner is Aw some. I won't mention what I was wearing before but it seem like they used to hold up longer and then starting getting little holes where it come in contact with my carbon fiber socket, I have a little wrap around the very top of the rim to help prevent this.  It is great not to being losing suction and have no clue and then find tiny holes in back of sleeve.
Ask you prosthetist to try it.
I find any thing that last longer cost less is a great deal
Let me know.