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Re: NEW LEG !!!!!
« Reply #15 on: November 04, 2009, 03:14:35 AM »
"King Rocky"

Sorry I missed seeing your, I am LBK amp. & since I had it covered; it definately feels longer than it was.  I have to assume they have added on the bottom of my foot.  I can see no other reason for the difference in length.


Hi Ann

I am b/k too ann, like you could see no other reason for the difference in length, as on my b/k's the cover comes over the outside of the leg only.  However, I can't count the times where my prosthesis has been a perfect fit at the final fitting, then when I have gone to collect it, it hasn't fitted so well
and they always swear they haven't touched anything, other than put the cover on.  Am not sure how you wear your prosthesis ann, whether it is socks or liners, pin or whatever, but it could be that the shape or volume of your own leg has changed very slightly so you are a fraction out of it and this is making it feel longer - had this myself recently.