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amputee actor: Robert David Hall
« on: September 23, 2011, 08:12:08 AM »
I found an article about actor CSI actor, Robert David Hall. Inspiring...

Robert David Hall, who is in his 12th season playing the quirky coroner Dr Robbins in the hit TV crime drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, has a long-standing acting credo: always work as hard as you can to prepare for a role and then play around during the actual performance. CSI, which is syndicated internationally, is watched by more than 27 million viewers a week in the United States alone.

In Washington last week Hall described to me how thorough his preparation can be. While Hall was observing an official autopsy, the real-life coroner wanted to test how squeamish the actor might be. He asked Hall to assist him in weighing the corpseā€™s body parts in plastic containers.

The first thing Hall wanted to tell the coroner was that his assistance in the autopsy was, in fact, illegal. But the second, perhaps more important, point was that it is hard to spook a double leg amputee, who lost one of his limbs through gradual amputation after an 18-wheel truck crushed his car, causing its gas tank to explode, and left more than 65 per cent of his body burned. It is a miracle he survived...

more here
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