Author Topic: Funeral for a friend  (Read 8856 times)

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Re: Funeral for a friend
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Grab your love before they sink to the bottom...oops too late"  "Noooooo" screamed the broken-hearted lover.

As the scream echoed he heard a voice inside his head.  "Where is everyone?  I am alone and wished I had been more careful!" Then a gurgling sound came from behind where he stood.  "What the H#$L was that sound?  We need to get outta here!  Something is coming.  What can it be, surviving this cold? It can only be a Husky coming to save us. Oh look, my knight in shining armor! But why is the husky gurgling he thought to himself, the poor thing must be on it's last legs!  "Wait he has brought us life preservers and our swim legs!"

Safely at the side of the pool he thanks the somewhat smelly dog.  "I'm safe but I still haven't found my sweetie!"
The dog turns and says, "Sure, she's on the bottom of the pool, but in your heart of hearts who deserves your love?  Think about it, a good looking woman or a talking dog?"
"Damn, thats a tough one" said the man "Are you housebroken?"
"On one hand, dogs are always glad to see you.
 :-*And always give you undying love and support no matter what you have done. Try it yourself, put a woman in the trunk of your car with a dog and see which of the two is friendly to you when you let them out after a few hours" said the dog smiling.  That's not a very hard question...Heeheehee.
On the other hand there are some things only a woman can do for you!  She got you there, sweetie.  ;o}
After several minutes pacing back and forth and thinking of brilliant reasons that a woman is better than a dog he realizes that she still lays motionless on the bottom of the pool..."Why didn't I rescue her before having a conversation with a dog!" he says.  Why didn't you bring her up from the bottom....did you actually think that dog looking into those Big Blues/Greens of yours really understood what you were saying.  If he can talk, he can certainly understand what I'm saying!
He who limps, still walks.

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Re: Funeral for a friend
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Nice bike hehehe