Author Topic: Rheo knee can kill you!!!! Be very careful.  (Read 1328 times)

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Rheo knee can kill you!!!! Be very careful.
« on: July 15, 2011, 10:37:17 PM »
Since it was a time for me to get a new knee, I figured I go with the new rheo knee which I liked very much when I first tried it out last November.  It walks far better than the C-leg on incline/decline.

I had tried three rheo knee units that came straight out of the box.  All three were defective.  The new units that are being shipped out have defective parts that causes it to stutter/chatter. 

My prosthetist called other prosthetists across the country and they are all reporting the same problem.

It's not just the chattering that is my concern.  While trying out the new unit, it collapsed on me completely for no reason.  I was just standing still about to turn around.  Then bam!!  It just collapsed on me for no apparent reason.

This was the worst spill I ever had since becoming an amputee.  Very scary.  Even though one prosthetist who was standing next to me caught me, I hurt my arm and it's still sore.  My own prosthetist was just shocked. 

If the other prosthetist didn't catch me fall, I would have seriously hurt myself. 

If anybody got this new rheo knee recently, be very careful.  They are seriously defective. 
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