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My membership dues
« on: February 27, 2008, 01:34:12 PM »
We joke that this club costs an arm or a leg to join.  So here's my membership dues.

In August 2002, I was working on my house, cutting wood for a flooring project.  For a variety of reasons, I lost control of the circular saw and cut 95% of the way through my ankle.  The ER doc was fresh out of medical school and called an older ortho doc.  He made a decision to reattach the foot after telling my friends he was going to finish taking it off.  He never explained that (or lots of other things) to me.

Several operations and 9 months later, we finally did a BK amputation.  The options were:
a) suffer with it
b) fuse it
c) chop it off

after much research, discussion with family, friends and some amputees, I went for the chop job.  Haven't looked back since.  Well, except to say that at least we gave it a try.  So I know this was the right decision for me.

When I started to grow my SECOND bone spur, I made sure the doc who fixed that one did an Ertl revision.  Very glad I had that done, it has eliminated much of the minor discomfort I had in my stump.  It also lets me use it in ways that I couldn't before - like putting pressure on the end of the stump itself.  Not standing, but more pressure than most people would think.

One year after the accident, I was able to walk without a cane or crutch well enough that people didn't immediately know I was an amputee.

Two years after the accident, I completed a 5K race (I RAN) in 50 minutes.

And then I started developing mysterious problems with the right ankle.  That's what slows me down these days.  I had the right ankle fused in January 2008, and we're still in the early stages of healing on that.  I should be able to start walking on that foot in another 6-8 weeks.  But it's healing up well.
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Re: My membership dues
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2008, 03:11:39 PM »
I paid my dues back in 2000.July12 at 2:15pm to be exact. I was a crewman on a small ferry boat in Ireland. I lived on a small island and a ferry was the only way to the mainland. We were conducting mooring operations when my leg became entangled in the mooring rope. It was severly crushed, twice. The tried to save the leg for a few weeks but the surgeon came in and asked if I wanted to keep having operations or amputate. I said I'd think about it and tell them in a day or two and they said I had about 15 minutes to decide. I asked if I could run with a prosthetic leg, they said yes. I asked if I could run without a amputation and they said no (the muscles were destroyed by the rope and I had 'drop-foot').
That made up my mind.

I probably more active now than before the accident.
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