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Has anyone tried snowboarding?  If so, any advice?

I'm thinking of trying it but I'm a little leary. 

Hi Mitchee -
I have skied for many years and have not tried snowboarding. I have seen other amputees snowboard in NH. My kids snowboard but I have always been happy on two skis. Herb

Herb, thanks for the reply.  I used to downhill ski before my amputation.  I tried skiing last year for the first time post-amp and did okay.  I had a hard time using my edges on my left ski.  I'm sure that would improve with practice but I didn't have an opportunity to go skiing again last year.  I thought maybe I'd try snowboarding this year.  However, since I initially posted this thread, I found out that I won't be learning how to snowboard this year.  I have a stress fracture at the end of my femur at the hip joint.  Ugh.  3 months of taking it easy.  I'm looking forward to riding my bike in the spring. 


Hi Mitchee - Sorry to hear about your fracture. Hope it heals quickly for you without surgery.

It took me several sessions of skiing as an amputee before I felt competent. I use outrigger skis  on forearm crutches when I ski and feel very comfortable on any kind of terrain. I bought mine around 20 years ago and they have served me well. I see some amputees ski with poles. I do not think I would ever get good doing it that way. I tried it once and took some painful falls and ending up injuring the end of my stump.

Some of the ski areas around here have sit ski equipment available for use for people who can not stand. That might be an option for you this year while your femur heals so you could get out on the slopes.

Happy holidays, Herb

Hi Mitchee
Here is a link to an article with some info on snowboarding.

Happy New Year


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