Author Topic: Newbie amputee, have some questions  (Read 12167 times)

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Re: Newbie amputee, have some questions
« Reply #30 on: July 15, 2011, 11:50:43 PM »

Short step drill is part of agility drill some PT make you go through.  (I think all amputees are required to go through this drill at Walter Reed.)  For some really athletic young AKs, they want to go play basketball and other sports that require taking short hops, small steps, and quick turns.

Also, I've noticed that most young AK guys are obsessed with being able to walk with perfect stride at all times.  I don't really care if people notice that I am an amputee when I am walking downhill but I guess for some, having a perfect stride is a big thing for them. 

To not give off that you are an amputee, and to have a near perfect ambulation, this short step drill is essential. 

I don't think your PT will make you do this unless you are young & fit.  (It requires lot of energy & strength in your limb.)

I am just comfortable the way I am & I wasn't crazy about the drill myself.  I am just happy I can play golf.  (Yes, I've been told that I am a very lazy amputee by PTs more than once.) LOL

Having said that, I was shocked to see a very recent AK amputee walking with perfect stride at the clinic today. ^^  So apparently, some don't even need much ambulation training to begin with.