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pegleg jack:
just had one of my meds refiled and man did i get a shock.

THE insurance company and drug companies along with the pharmacy i wound up with a 200% increase in co-payment on it, 90 days ago i payed 12.00 for a ninty day supply well yesterday i had to pay 36 dollars for the same 90 day supply.

This way there is gonna be a lot more people hit the donut hole faster than before, and they havent even pass that dang health care bill on us yet, and they are allready raising the price on our drugs. WHAT A BUNCH OF GREEDY A--H---S

I wish that it was the copay that is how they measure reaching the donut hole. My understanding is that they use the retail price to measure when you reach $2,500 dollars. Better check with your part "D" drug program

Dave in NE Pa

pegleg jack:
metdrs, i get a statement from my insurance company every time i get a new or refile one of my meds stating how much i have left before i hit the donut hole, just hope that this dosent happen to my ZETIA, cause i pay out of pocket 114.00 for it for a 90 day supply if it goes to 342.oo then i cannot afford to get it. and have a feeling the my rat posin will be the same as the first on cause i only payed 9.00 for a 90 day supply on it. havent checked yet but feel that WALLY WORLD has dropped the 4.00 per perschription deal they had going.

JACK, I think its what the insurance co. pays on each medication that get us to the Donut Hole.  I hate that!!

pegleg jack:
found out what happened, the insuance company kick my meds up into the next tier level so that they would get more money for them that is why my co pays went up, and they went up on all of the ones i am taking, so it wasnt WALLY WORLD'S fault,


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