Author Topic: Vote for Jordan Thomas, Bilateral BK, Nominated for CNN Hero of the Year!  (Read 1376 times)

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Jordan Thomas is a 20-year-old bilateral amputee who lost his legs in a boating accident 4 years ago.  He started the Jordan Thomas Foundation to raise funds so that other children who need prosthetics and don't have the resources he did can get the help they need. To date the foundation has raised over $400K!!
You can read an article with more about Jordan and his nomination for CNN's "Hero of the Year" award using this link
What I wanted to mention here is that there is just one more week to vote (thru November 19), so please take a look and vote as many times as you can!   If Jordan wins this award it will bring awareness of the need for prosthetic insurance parity for over 2 Million amputees to a National audience!   You can help make this happen!  Vote now, and vote often!!!

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