Author Topic: My opinion of wasted fuel and resorces  (Read 4201 times)

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Re: My opinion of wasted fuel and resorces
« Reply #30 on: October 12, 2009, 03:21:47 PM »

I agree with you all the way regarding Bush & Cheney.  Not so sure about Reagan.  But suffice it to say that ANY of our many past presidents were better than Bush II.  Surely Obama is a breath of fresh air in a nation that was beginning to stink rather badly.

Bush-Cheney had 8 years toi do their damage.  It may take up to that long to UNDO the damage.  Of course, we can never undo ALL the damage.  There's no way to bring back all the wasted lives lost in the War that never should have happened and all the squandered billions of $$$, plunging us into the biggest national debt of all time.

I never thought about Bush and Bin Ladin being friends.  But then, Bin Laden came from Saudi, and the Bushes and Saudi's have always been rather chummy - after all, they're all in the Oil business, right?

I always wondered why one scroungy outlaw could escape capture by the biggest war-machine on earth.  I think you shed some light on that one.  Thanks.
Dick Stevens, DBKA in PA