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Hi from a newbie
« on: May 20, 2009, 12:18:39 AM »
Hey everyone, glad I found this forum, seems like a ton of info on here.  My story...two weeks ago I was in a car wreck which amputated my left leg below the knee, broke my femur in two spots and dislocated my hip (all same leg).  I`m up and around on crutches pretty well so far, but have 10 days to go before I can even get the rest of my stitches out.  Before the accident I was really active, hiking, bikes, motorcycle, etc. etc. and I`m really frustrated at how long the process of getting a new foot is taking me, even though I can`t put weight on the leg for another 90 days.  I had a semi-rigid cast on the stump until a few days ago, and since that was removed the pain has gotten quite a bit more noticeable.  I`m not sure if it`s the phantom pain or just the stump healing, so I`m pretty much just trying to grin and bear it without too many hydrocodones.  Any tips for a newbie just getting used to missing a foot?

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Re: Hi from a newbie
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2009, 08:01:52 AM »
Phantom pains are very distinct from physical pain. I luckily had very little physical pain, but the phantoms were awful in the beginning. You can feel crunching, burning, itchy toes, etc. Not much you can do about them. Your brain has to adjust to no leg being there. I found that rubbing the sciatic nerve that runs up the thigh can help a little. Gently tapping the end of the stump is supposed to help. I wasn't able to utilize this method as I was in a cast. See if they can put the removable cast back on. Mine did feel better when in a tighter environment. I used shrinker socks for months.

Don't rush things. It will take time for your leg to heal enough to support you. It will also help to have a lot of the swelling down before being fit for your first leg. They don't last long at first anyway do to atrophy.
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Re: Hi from a newbie
« Reply #2 on: May 20, 2009, 09:43:16 AM »
Jlrruddy, first of glad you have found this site and welcome, just dont rush it in getting back up and walking, fore it has been known to backfire on a person and wind up taking a lot longer to heal up so that they can be fitted with thier new leg, and you will find out fast that a lot of thing that you took for granite, you will have to figure a differant way of doing it, and as i sometimes joke with the other amp's and gimp's, you still have one leg to stand on, with me i am a bilaterial bka, but i trie not to let it bother me, but at times i sure dont want to be like this, and have to put on two legs every morning, and yes i have PHANTOM PAINS and real bad at times, have found out with my by sleeping with a small heating pad underneath the blanket jusst where my stumps are laying help me get rid of them, at this time i am not using any pain meds so to speak off, dont want to get hooked on them,

Have them give some shrinker socks to wear, i know they help right after the operation, i had mine on, about three days after the operation and the stiches were still in on my left leg, that i lost on the 5 of marck 2002 and my right leg went on the 24 of march 2002, so i had fun that month, amd am now getting my fourth pair of legs finished up, hopefully to day. You will find that your stump will shrink real fast at first and you will go throgh sockets fairly fast and make sure that you get plenty of stump socks starting with a 2 ply all the way up to a 10 ply if he has them, for you will need them and when you get to around 15 - 20 worth on between your stump liner and socket it is time to have you socket rebuilt.

If you need anything else answered you  can PM me or ask them on here and i will try to  answer them for you, HAVE A GREAT DAY.
you-all have a great day.