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Skiing on 1 leg?


A couple of years ago I lossed my leg in a car accident (AKA). I loved to ski and am thinking of the C-leg to ski on but it makes me nervous to think I might break it. Does anyone have any advice as to how to protect the c-leg better or is there a better knee to ski with? I want to ski!!!! ???

I'm sure you'll get some good responses, but I don't think I'd use the C-leg for skiing. Most AKs don't use a prosthesis when skiing. There is a knee developed by an amputee that is strictly for skiing. The knee is by Symbiotech, but I don't recall anything else about it.

Hi - I wear a c-leg for walking but do not use it for skiing. I bought small "outrigger" skis that are attached to forearm crutches that I use for balance while skiing on one leg. I also sometimes wear a peg leg while skiing that I can rest on the regular ski that I wear on my good side. I have heard that many aka skiers who ski wearing a prosthesis have broken their hip when they fall on the slopes. Skiing is great and just as doable and enjoyable as an amputee. Good luck and have fun on the slopes. Herb


Certainly wouldn't use a c-leg, it's ill suited and if you're paying, costly to repair! Apart from the other reasons given... this link may help...

Blue Leg - great links. thanks


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