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pegleg jack:
Everything is looking great, the only thing that i might add is, away to edit our post. and on the general discussion area i would spread it out more, like our other web site will pass this on to my other sites as soon as you are really up and running, i know that we  will have some bugs to work out, hopefully they wont be to bad.

THE white on a black back ground makes it a whole lot easier to read in my book, but the is my opinion, others may not thing so.

And on the attactments, can one go into his picture file and pull pictures out to add to his post or do we have to transfer them to another site like photobucket in order to do it? Just clicked on the attach browser and i answer my own question, this i like real well.

Also like the fact that you have added spell check on here, that is a real good idea.

I would only let moderators or administrators have the permission to lock a topic.
that would give us a means of controlling a topic if it got out of hand.

Thats about it for this time, will play around with it and then write another review to you.

pegleg you where right this is allot better i like this allot it is really nice easy to use and thats nice i like the color like you said it i easier to read thanks for getting me here take it easy jack ps spell check is nice my spelling is not that hot lol

Steve C:
Looks good!

Joe A.:
Look at me? All this time in grade and I am busted back to Gilligan. S'not fair I tell you. Now we can play with all these wonderful toyswe can do mathwe can do math I wonder what this little button do Remember when that lady said that on the Challenger?

Not for fun but I read the newspaper today and there is s story about a satellite falling to earth. That's gonna make somebody mad eh?

Hey Joe, how do we know it was the lady who asked what that button would do???  Harumpf!



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