Microprocessor knees and insurance

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    Has anyone with UnitedHealthcare insurance ever had them pay for a C-leg or any microprocessor knee?

Hi Kep - I got a prescription and an estimate from my prosthetist and submitted it all to United Health Care. A few days later I got an approval and my prosthetist ordered all the components. The next day I got a call and a letter from UHC saying that the approval was a mistake and would I mail it back to them. I did not mail it back to them and they ended up paying for my c-leg. good luck Herb

I've heard that United is one of the worst in covering almost anything prosthetic.

Sorry Kerry

Hey there Kep... Did you find any information yet on how to battle the insurance companies. I'm trying to get a microprocessor leg as well, and would appreciate if you had any information that you found elsewhere. I have a hydraulic knee that I got a year half ago and it just doesn't cut it. I'm finding out that the insurance companies don't like to talk to their clients. They say that I need to refer to my prosthetist and have him speak to them. Please give me a shout if you find anything. Thanks



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