Author Topic: Does anyone exercise their stump?  (Read 891 times)

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Does anyone exercise their stump?
« on: July 02, 2009, 12:48:27 PM »
This is probably a foolish question, but this is my three year anniversary as an amputee. I'm still on my first "permanent leg" which I wear 16 to 18 hours per day. When I remove the prosthetic at night, I do what one might call isometric exercises by flexing my remaining calf muscles as one would in any other muscle group in this type of exercise. So far I've been able to maintain the size of my residual limb where my socket is very comfortable through a day of construction work and whatever my evening activities might be.
My question is whether my limb will atrophy as time goes on, or will exercise delay the process?
I guess this question would be directed to those of you that have been amputees for a period of ten years or longer.
Thanks for any input.


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Re: Does anyone exercise their stump?
« Reply #1 on: July 02, 2009, 04:24:27 PM »
Happy? Anniversary?
While you may still atrophy in time, daily exercise can slow that process down to a crawl. I work my legs out every day. What's even more important is to stretch without your leg on. Socket construction can limit the full range of motion and without stretching you can develop a constriction of ligaments and tendons. You don't notice this at first because it doesn't hurt.

See a Physical Terrorist and get a few colored bands. They will show you how to use them. Please stay in touch and let us know what equipment you're riding, how it's working for you?

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