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Eish - my blonde moment of the year.....


This is Michael's forum!!!!! 

Lawdy lawd....

I lost that bookmark eons ago when my PC did a backflip!


I like it....I like it a lot!


pegleg jack:
Jam, i think it is kind of neat and am glad to see you up and running and back on here, just have fun and enjoy yourself, and yes it is run be MICHEAL LOVE, and i think he has done a great job, we have had a few bugs, but notheing we couldnt handle, and got hack one time and now have that straightened out i hope that it dosent happen agian, sure makes a mess of things.

Please tell me how do you get a PC to do a backflip, that something i would like to see. LOL

LOL!  Good to see you again, Ally!  This surely has been a great forum, especially since it got remodeled.  I lost it for a while too and was glad to rediscover it after I had mislabeled it Irish Potato Famine. 


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