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 I may have made things too confusing before so lets try it this way

 Q -- What Prosthetic foot/feet have you tried and what do you like and or dislike about them?

Please just answer the question as it is written and if everyone on this web site answers this question as it is written we will have the first full prosthetic foot review anywhere on the web. By posting the products you have used you might just bring to light some new options for many other people that have never heard of the product you are using and you could be the reason for making many other people more comfortable in their everyday life as an amputee ;D




--- Quote from: Marilyn on March 02, 2008, 08:28:07 PM ---I have only used a college park Tribute.  I like it.  I can walk in it.  I can dance, sorta.  See below. 

--- End quote ---

This is the only bit that's not an advert in that post Marilyn, I know it's not intended, but Tigertatt is after genuine raw experiences, not copies of product flyers. ;) ... nice try Tigertatt.... you do realise though, that everyone is different, so this information isn't necessarily valid for everyone ;)

OBL, I copied it verbatim from the website.  I did explain earlier in the other thread that 1) this is the only foot I've used, and 2) I have no basis for comparison.  I was rather waxing sarcastic in that I did reply in honestly to tigertatt's original post and I felt he disavowed knowledge thereof.  I'm a stinker!!


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