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pegleg jack:
Has any one heard that if you are low on vit-d that the PHANTOMS could come on you, am researching this out a little more but read it in my VFW magazine this months issue, and it said that being low and by taking it, that it could slow or eliminate those PHANTOMS for us,

Hello Jack - that may be true for some people. I have heard that a lack of vitamin D causes all kinds of problems. I have taken 1000 IUs daily for years and am outside in the sun every day, but still have phantom pain way too often. Herb

pegleg jack:
Thanks Herb, those are the kind of answers that i am looking for, am going to try and get a hold of the doc that did the research on it, he was listed in the articile.

P.S. Been so dang busy here lately havent had much time to be on and do any research. But then got my HONEY DO list down to 9 items so i must be doing something right.

Hi Jack

I don't think you'll be short of things to read, as it's a well researched area ... I think it's supposed to be good for diabetic neuropathy too?

If you want more information then Google 'vitamin D deficiency' and 'neuropathic pain'. I think you'll find you'll get quite a few hits.

Sue :)

pegleg jack:


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