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 Hi, Everyone

  I'll be getting my first leg/foot here in the next couple weeks and I've pretty much decided on the Perfect Stride II foot from Bioquest. http://www.bioquestpros.com/index.html  I've heard nothing but good stuff about this foot so I was wondering if anyone here has used or is using this foot?

 I'm a very active person k-3 or k-4 level even into k-4 extreme. I'd like to hear what feet everyone else have tried and what your opinions of them are.  -- and PLEASE don't give me any of the "everyone is different" crap Im asking your opinion of the feet you have tried and what you like or dislike about each.  ;D ;)

OK 15 people have viewed this post and your going to tell me NOT ONE of you use a prosthetic foot?  ???  Doesn't anyone know what foot they use?  ;) :P

I have not used a Perfect Stride Foot on any of my clients, although I have seen it.  You could try several different feet from different manufactures to see which one you like best.  I don't believe that any one foot is better than another, because the best foot is the one you feel best with.  Every manufacture claims their product is better than any other.

I do suggest that you try the Ceterus foot by Ossur.  I use it on active amputees because of it's many features.  It has a split toe and heel (carbon fiber) built-in rotation and air shock.  The rotation and air shock are adjustable by the user with a small hand held air pump.  If you do compare the two let us all know what you think.  www.ossur.com   

It looks like a cool foot.  The video is incredible.

However, I don't see anything in there I couldn't do with my ceterus foot.

My first foot was an Ossur Re-flex VSP.  I didn't know what to expect so I thought it was good.  After a couple of weeks, my prosthetist asked me try a another foot for comparison. I chose to try a Seattle Catalyst.  I liked it much better than the other foot for various reasons.  I ended up keeping the Seattle Catalyst and I love it.  It probably doesn't have all of the bells and whistles that other feet have but it is a good match for me.  It is carbon fiber and it is light weight.  I am a K4 activity level and do everything except run with this foot.  I use it for all of my everyday activities as well as sports.

Here is the link for the Seattle Catalyst in case you want to see what it looks like...


Let me know if you try the Perfect Stride foot.  I would like to learn more about it as well.

Be sure to try a couple of different feet before you choose one.  Good luck and I hope you find the foot that's right for you.


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