Author Topic: spy shot: UC Berkeley's Robotic leg based on Exoskeleton technology  (Read 983 times)

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Before I became an amputee, I was keeping a close eye on UC Berkeley's Exoskeleton research and recently I've learned through an associate that as a pet project, the research team created this robotic leg amputees and especially paralyzed people can use.

Unlike any other prosthetics in existence, this thing is fully powered, meaning it walks on its own and needs no input from a user.  User feels no weight of the leg because the leg walks itself.  This prototype is powerful enough for its user to run.  However, since UC Berkeleys Exoskeleton research is being funded by the US military, it's not clear whether this robotic leg will be developed for non-military use.

UC Berkeley's Exoskeleton research was originally started to aid soldiers carry heavy weight (over 200 lbs.) for long distance and allow them possess super strengh.  Think of real life iron man.

Oh, by the way, creator of Cyberdine's HAL (Hybrid Assistive Limb) which makes you 10 times stronger confirmed that he's working on a robotic leg that amputees can use.  The target price? $20,000 or cheaper.
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